Work In Progress

The Healercraft is a constantly evolving entity and the Craft staff are always noodling around new and interesting ways for its members to inflict pain in a therapudic manner. These ideas have not been approved for in game use.

Here's what we're thinking about now:

Currently, there are no items under consideration by HEC Staff.

Work In Progress F.A.Q.

Q. I have:

  • An ides that I would like CraftStaff to consider.
  • An opinion in regards to one of the items on this page.
  • An unladen swallow.

A. All questions and comments about work in progress can be addressed to the HEC Staff via in-game mail. Please use complete sentences and keep your thoughts and opinions professional. Overly negative or flaming comments will not be tolerated. As for the swallow…

Fraille says, "Give the damn thing a coconut and send it on its way."

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