==== Healer Journeywoman

Serafina Casarin
Sex Female
Position Crafter
Craft Healercraft
Rank Journeywoman
Speciality Pediatrics
Age 18 turns, 4 months, 14 days
Birthplace Casarin Farmcot, Xanadu region
Home Monaco Bay Weyr
Played By Lilla Crawford (just add a year)


This young lady is tiny, not even five feet in height. She has long, curly black hair, which frames a narrow, pixish face, with a pert nose between a striking pair of emerald green eyes. Her cheeks are dusted with a light sprinkle of freckles.
She wears a simple outfit, consisting of a loose blouse, the collar open to show off a very slight hint of clevage and a soft looking, flowy green skirt which comes to halfway between her knees and ankles, partially concealing her legs. Her feet are protected by a pair of simple sandals.
In addition, she wears a Journeyman's knot in purple and white, indicating her status as a Healercraft Journeywoman. The threads of midnight blue and silver incorporated into the knot show her as being posted to Monaco Bay Weyr.


Serafina hails from a small farmcot near Xanadu Weyr, living a pleasant life until shortly after her twelfth turnday. As a little girl, she discovered an interest in herbs, which was encouraged by a rather acerbic Healer Craftrider from the nearby weyr, who often visited the cothold on her patrols. Of course, this is a simplification of matters, as, due to her intelligence and natural singing talent, the girl became the object of a tug of war, as it were, between the Xanadu Weyrharper and Shellie (she of the acid tongue.) Eventually, 'finaa's natural need to hep people won out. That was when she boarded a ship, on her journey (ultimately) to Fort hold, and Healer Hall, where she became an apprentice. She excelled in her studies, and, upon becoming a Journeyman, she was posted to Monaco Bay Weyr as a Weyrhealer.

Not long after her arrival at Monaco Bay, everything changed, and her life was turned upside down in themost wonderful way possible, when she met a visiting Brownrider from Ierne Weyrhold named Benara. The two women fell in love, and eventually, unable to wait while Benara completed a contracual obligation to Ierne, Maeve requested , and was granted, a transfer to Ierne, where she currently specializes in Pediatrics.


Name Relation Position Age
Lassarina Mother 47 Turns
Davirn Father Jman Farmer 48 turns
Tamas Brother 11 turns
Shellie Mentor Sr. Jman 60+ Turns





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