====Healer Journeywoman

Serafina Cassarin
Sex Female
Position Crafter
Craft Healercraft
Rank Journeywoman
Speciality General Practice
Age 18 turns, 4 months, 14 days
Birthplace Casarin Farmcot, Xanadu region
Home Monaco Bay Weyr
Played By Lilla Crawford (just add a year)


This young lady is tiny, not even five feet in height. She has long, curly black hair, which frames a narrow, pixish face, with a pert nose between a striking pair of emerald green eyes. Her cheeks are dusted with a light sprinkle of freckles.
She wears a simple outfit, consisting of a loose blouse, the collar open to show off a very slight hint of clevage and a soft looking, flowy green skirt which comes to halfway between her knees and ankles, partially concealing her legs. Her feet are protected by a pair of simple sandals.
In addition, she wears a Journeyman's knot in purple and white, indicating her status as a Healercraft Journeywoman. The threads of midnight blue and silver incorporated into the knot show her as being posted to Monaco Bay Weyr.


Serafina hails from a small farmcot near Xanadu Weyr, living a pleasant life until shortly after her twelfth turnday. As a little girl, she discovered an interest in herbs, which was encouraged by a rather acerbic Healer Craftrider from the nearby weyr, who often visited the cothold on her patrols That was when she boarded a ship, on her journey (ultimately) to Fort hold, and Healer Hall, where she became an apprentice. She excelled in her studies, and, upon becoming a Journeyman, she was posted to Monaco Bay Weyr as a Weyrhealer.


Name Relation Position Age
Lassarina Mother 47 Turns
Davirn Father Jman Farmer 48 turns
Tamas Brother 11 turns
Shellie Mentor Sr. Jman 60+ Turns





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