Master of Obstetrics Rafael

Rank Master
Specialty Obstetrics
Mentor N/A
Posting Healer Hall


Encroaching on his third decade of living, Rafael is much like the rest of his family, sporting dark brown hair - which could be defined as shaggy, were it not for the fact its always swept back, out of his face - and brown eyes. There are faint worry lines etched into his forehead, and his jaw is a bit more square (reflecting after his mother) than his siblings'. He's a bit taller than average, but his build is normal, having done nothing to tone it.

Black is the color he wears on top. Though the style of his top changes due to the weather. Sometimes it's a loose turtleneck sweater, and sometimes its an average run-of-the-mill tunic. His pants are of a dark gray, or faded black.


There's almost always a smile to be had from Rafael. He's still relatively new to his Master's knot, and thus is a bit more lax with the Journeymen, though Apprentices get no break from him. His easy going nature gives him a good bedside manor, which is one of the important traits for someone in obstetrics. Maybe its that his personality is rather bland that hasn't scored him a romantic interest… or maybe its his devotion to his Craft. He knows just enough about Cesareans to feel uncomfortable doing them himself, and if it has come into his thoughts that the mother-to-be might need one, he'll snatch a Master Surgeon with him to the birthing. He makes an excellent check-up Healer, always kind and supporting even when he needs to set his foot down on inappropriate behaviors of a parent-to-be.


He is one to just apply himself. Not overly so however. He's not exceptionally intelligent either, so early promotions were not for him. He has a good bedside manner, and has delivered many a babe. He's perfectly fine with never having had a significant other, because his free time is spent keeping up with the latest practices for his specialty, or looking into how something might make the joy of birthing easier.


Rafael is the eldest son (and child in general) of Master Mindhealer Jaice, who is stationed to Southern Boll Hold. Rafael's career as a Healer has been nothing but normal. At age 13 he was accepted to apprenticeship, and at age 19 he was promoted to Journeyman. Finally, shortly after he turned 26 was he promoted to Master. He is single, and - despite his specialty - has never really had any relationships to speak of. (Much to his mother's dismay.)

Mentors, Mentees, Friends and Family

Name Relation Location Position Age Relation
Jaice Father Southern Boll Hold Master (Mindhealer) +23T 11M
Phylicia Youngest Sister Xanadu Weyr Sr Apprentice (Botany) -9T 7M
Pralius Mentee Fort Weyr Journeyman (Obstetrics) -6T 3M
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