Master Mindhealer Jaice

Rank Master
Specialty Mindhealer
Mentor N/A
Posting Southern Boll Hold


Jaice is a rather average man when all is said and done. He is of average height and average build for someone starting into his fifth decade of living. Gray hairs are definitely starting to show in his short, dark brown hair, but his brown eyes are as sharp as they ever were.

He favors simple clothing, a tunic and trews of neutral browns, usually topped by an open white coat.


He knows his craft well, and the arrogance sometimes shows. There is a sharp mind inside his aging body, and he also sports a small amount of humor, though don't expect any during craft-related functions. On very rare occasions he will let his mouth get the better of him, saying something when he knows he should keep his peace. He is a man who cares greatly for his family, and he protects them as best he can.


Jaice lives in Southern Boll Hold with his wife Persis. None of their four children live at Southern Boll anymore. He sees to a number of patients at Boll, but will travel when needed to, or called upon.

Mentors, Mentees, Friends and Family

Name Relation Location Position Age Relation
Rafael Eldest Son Healer Hall Master (Obstetrics) -23T 11M
Phylicia Youngest Daughter Xanadu Weyr Sr Apprentice (Botany) -33T 4M
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