Senior Journeyman Surgeon Grigoriy

Grigoriy (Gory Ori)
Rank Senior Journeyman
Specialty Surgery
Mentor N/A
Posting Healer Hall (Traveling)


He is a man that the world has chewed up, spat out, and is looking at for another round of chewing. Slightly stooped, his full height is somewhere at five and a half feet with an inch or two to spare and his build is that of a man that's spent the fair majority of his days on the back of a runnerbeast or in the wilds somewhere. His hair remains a dark blond that's starting to go gray, kept roughly at shoulder length and generally held at bay under a head-covering when he's doing his grisly work. While most men might be free of facial hair, he's something of a throwback with a mustache that curves in a dour, miserable curve over the typically twisted set of his mouth. Wire-rimmed spectacles with round lenses allow him to see and also protect his weathered blue eyes from any potential harm. He moves with a slight limp as a result of an injury to one of his knees, though he refuses a cane at any given opportunity.

His clothing is practical, generally dark and composed of an undershirt, an overtunic, trousers, and heavy boots; in foul weather, a long duster and a broad-brimmed hat with gloves are typically added. Crossed leather belts at his hip carry plenty of pouches for various items he'll need, although this is generally only for traveling.

In the infirmary, he prefers dark clothes under the white labcoat that he's obligated to wear; from his nose down, he typically wears a surgeon's mask of sorts, while his hair is restrained behind another section of cloth that keeps any and all hair from drifting free.


  • "The job of a surgeon is dirty, ugly work. No one picks it because they want to cut a child free from its mother's womb or because they want to amputate a leg because of rampant, life-threatening infection. No one wants to be elbow-deep in blood, guts, and gore in the hopes that they might save a life, only to have that life robbed of them at the last moment. No one chooses it because they want to. They choose it because no one else will and someone has to."
  • "I am beholden only to my work. I go where it goes, I leave when it leaves and I do not question it. You would do well not to question it, either. To question too deeply is to open the way for doubt and doubt always brings death."
  • "I am not a teacher. The best learning is done when you get your hands in there and do things. The books are good, but not perfect. They can't tell you how to console a grieving husband and father when his wife dies in childbirth; they aren't helpful for telling you how powerful the promise of a sweetstick is to a child when it comes to being quiet. That's all learned while doing and it is the hardest learning you will ever do."


He is a surgeon, first and foremost.

He is also unorthodox.

His story isn't of much importance. His parents were holders of no particular reputation at a northern hold too small to have a proper name. A traveling Journeyman prone to wandering through that region of Pern took it upon himself to teach the boy a thing or two and leave him with some books to occupy him over the coming winter; when he came back the following spring, he found the books were dog-eared and the boy was hungry for more. He took him back to the hall at the tender age of ten and that's when his life as a Healer started. As he was finishing up the last leg of his Apprenticehood, his mother died of a burst appendix. None of the Healers posted or traveling to that small hold knew what to do nor even how to diagnose her condition until it was too late. He quickly ascended the ranks and, as soon as he was knotted a senior Journeyman, he took to the road. His reason: "There just aren't enough skilled hands willing to get out there and get dirty with the people that need the help."

Over the past forty-some turns, he's dedicated his life to the pursuit of an art that has a minimal place on Pern. He's performed more cesarean sections and amputations than he'd care to recall; a handful of successful appendectomies (and more that weren't), and given enough stitches to wrap around Pern a time or two. His role is unorthodox and strange, carved out by his own hands — when his skill as a surgeon isn't needed, he's a wandering healer, an apothecary, a scientist, an observer, an experimenter, a survivalist, and a scholar-sage who dabbles in everything he can dip a finger in.

He's declined every possible opportunity to become a Master despite having the skills — being an educator at the Hall is not something he relishes. No, his work is in the field, in the worst of it all.

When he travels, he's just as likely to go via runnerbeast and boat as he is to call upon a handful of riders — both craftriders for the hall and non — to transport him. Camping is just as common as staying in a reserved room a the various Holds and Weyrs he visits. He does, however, make a point of visiting the out-of-the-way holds out of respect to his mother's memory and to the event that claimed her life. In some places, he'll even help with some work around the place, if his services aren't immediately needed as a means to pay for his keep, even if such a thing isn't necessary. He makes most of his own medications and does keep a few plants at the Hall, although he's not a full-blown botanist by any means; he just knows enough to make do with what he can get his hands on, which is all he's ever done.

Mentors, Mentees, Friends and Family

Name Relation Location Position Age Relation
Galina Mentee Healer Hall Sr. Apprentice -30-something turns
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