NPC Characters

Welcome to the page where you can find information on NPC Craft Members. If you have an NPC that you would like added, please talk to one of the craft admins, and we'll see about adding them! Each name will take you to a separate page, where hopefully slightly more detailed information on the NPC Character in question is available. If you would like to see about adopting one, please talk to the person who posted the NPC. Masters are likely not available for adoption.

Please ask the Posting Person for permission to use their NPC before using them. The only ones you do not have to ask permission for are the ones labeled as General RP Aides. But please, keep it realistic! A person posted to High Reaches should probably not be cavorting down at Xanadu.

Rank Name Specialty Posting Bonded Posted By
Master Bundo General Practice Healer Hall No Fraille
Master Jaice Mindhealer Southern Boll Hold No Phylicia
Master Rafael Obstetrics Healer Hall (On Call) No Phylicia
Sr. Jman Grigoriy Surgery Healer Hall (Traveler) No Galina
Jman Therist General Healer Hall No Mirinda
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