Quick Pernese Healing Guide

1. Arthritis - To ease pain: Boneset, Chamomile, Ginger, Meadowsweet
2. Blisters - To ease pain and bring down swelling: St. John's Wort
3. Burns - To ease pain and swelling: Chamomile, Aloe, Echinacea, St. John's Wort
Immerse burned area in cold water. Treat with numbweed, apply clean dry dressing. Do not peel damaged skin or break blisters. For severe burns, elevate burned area and cover with a thick sterile dressing. Ointment of either chickweed, burdock, or comfrey will help…and don't forget aloe.
4. Colds - Boneset, Echinacea, Ginger, Ginseng, St. John's Wort. Teas from Peppermint, Rosemary, Saffron or Vervain are great cold relievers.
5. Congestion - Anise, Eucalyptus, Slippery Elm or Common Tea are all used to alleviate symptoms.
6. Earache - Echinacea will relieve the pain and infection of earache.
7. Eye Irritation - Barberry will relieve pain and swelling of eye infections such as pinkeye.
8. Food Poisoning - Barberry, Chamomile, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginseng, and Goldenseal will all aid in the expulsion of matter and ease pain.
9. Heart Disease - Alfalfa, Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, and Goldenseal will aid in relieving the discomfort of heart disease. Borage will make the heartbeat strong. Cayenne will make it beat faster. Sorrel, Vervain, and Mothorwort will help with heart conditions. Whitethorn will strengthen the heart muscles.
10. High Blood Pressure - Barberry, Garlic, Ginger and Valerian will all lower blood pressure.
11. Kidney Problems - Chaparral will bring relief of pain due to kidney problems.
12. Menstrual Problems - Anise, Ephedra, Feverfew, Goldenseal, Meadowsweet, Valerian and Yarrow will ease menstrual cramps.
13. Minor Cuts - Aloe, Chamomile, Chaparral, Echinacea, Garlic, St. John's Wort.
14. Nausea - Ginger, Peppermint, Lavendar, Mint, Peach Leaves.
15. Pain - Cayenne, Meadowsweet, Mint, Chamomile, Dill - all in tea form.
16. Stress - Chamomile, Ginseng and Valerian.
17. Urinary Tract Infections - Barberry, Garlic and Goldenseal.
18. Wound Healing (External Use) - Aloe, Comfrey, Echinacea, Garlic, St. John's Wort, Slippery Elm.

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