A Healer combats infection with two weapons – redwort and plenty sweetsand and water. Infirmary areas must be kept clean at all times and emergency treatment areas must be made as clean as possible. In addition, a Healer should take the following steps:

1) Have all tools cleaned after use in extremely hot water and sweetsand then rinsed in redwort. Store them in sealed containers or wrapped in boiled wherhide.

2) Always wash your handsthoroughly and wash in redwort before touching a patient.

3) Clean wounds well with water, being sure to remove any dirt. Pay special attention to puncture wounds.

4) Apply redwort to the wound to kill any infection picked up from the wounding cause.

5) Do not allow anyone who appears to have a cold or other ailment to assist while treating a wound, or to visit a seriously ill patient.

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