In Brief Pernese Herbs and Some Uses in Healing

1. Timorflower - Use once a day, in a tea. Take at the same time each day, to prevent pregnancy.
2. Aconite - Is used for respiratory changes, and breathing trouble. It causes sweats, and can slow the heart as well. It is also used as a linament to relieve neuralgia and rheumatism. Very poisonous! Just getting the juice in a cut can poison you.
3. Willowbark - Red Willow is an analgesic.
4. Needlethorn - Used for injections and transfusions.
5. Numbweed - Causes total numbness at a wound site. Looks like a twiggy, sagelike grey-green shrub.
6. Fellis - Is a narcotic painkiller. Looks like a small and bushy tree, with yellow blossoms and pointed petals.
7. Redwort - Is used as an antiseptic wash and prevents skin from being affected by numbweed. Leaves a red stain on the skin. It grows in clumps on the ground. Has reddish veins and flat-topped purple or rose colored flowers.
8. Mosstea - Herb used to pack wounds against infections. Also used to make teas.
9. Citron - Citrus fruit containing Vitamin C.
10. Distilled Hyssop - Keeps away respiratory problems such as croup.
11. Willow Tea - Helps keep arthritis under control. Also good for headaches.
12. Alfalfa Tea - Acts as a diuretic. ( Diuretic increases the secretion and flow of urine. )
13. Yarrow - Used for acne.
14. Barley - Brewed as a tea to treat cystitis, a common female dragonrider complaint. ( Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. )
15. Garlic - Used as a popular cold remedy.
16. Ash Bark - Either will make you run to the bathroom, or Give you problems while *in* the bathroom.

Some Herbal Treatments

1. Treat croup with one wine cup a day of distilled hyssop.
2. Hangover cure - Asparagus and Willow brewed together and drunk. Sweetener added to taste.
3. Headache cure - Sage, Wintergreen, and Willow according to taste.

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