These files have been written from the perspective of a Pern Healer, who would know little about some of the things that are common to us. For example the correct temperature of the body and the fact that it is oxygen and not air which sustains life.

The Healercraft does not have the technology to sustain congenital defects in humans and so as a race, humans have been bred clean of most defects. Pernese people live long lives and are still active in their eighth decade, with most ailments due to the environment.


Judith, CraftMaster at PernMUSH Healer Hall

Being a Healer

Being a Healer is a lot different to what you learn in lectures, scrolls or hides. Reality often gives us feelings with which to deal with circumstances, some beneficial, some detrimental. Facing up to these feelings and being well prepared allows Healers to deal efficiently and effectively within their craft. Healing is a craft based on knowledge, training and experience. It cannot be defined in exact parameters as each case is different and you should always remember no matter how hard you try, some patients will die. Sometimes you may be criticized even if you have done your best. Be calm and talk your way through the situation or refer the matter to a Master or creditable Journeyrank.


Every patient needs to feel secure and in safe hands. You can help by creating a beneficial atmosphere of confidence. Be in control, both of yourself and the problem, act calmly and logically, and be gentle and firm. It is important to remember your patient is human and will respond to talk. This helps to build up trust. Explain what you are going to do and answer questions as best you can. If you don't know the answer then say so. Continue after the patient's treatment has been completed, find out about relatives to be informed and never, ever, leave a dying patient alone.

Basic Pointers

When healing, introducing yourself as an healer is important in calming the patient. Another basic tip is, don't get in over your head, if you don't know the information and ICly your character cannot possibly heal a patient, hand it over to a knowledgeable Journeyrank or Master. Page the person with the injury with the inquire of exactly /what/ the injury is, and page them back to tell them 1) a-ok, I can handle it, 2) I'll defer you to one who will, or 3) I'm sorry, but that injury would be even too severe for a Master to handle, and your char would most likely die. Always give the patient his/her options through page if it gets extreme.

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