OOC Craft Meeting


  • T'burk is running a personal event on Wednesday April 22. The outcome will require healer intervention, including a blood transfusion and surgery. Any and all healers are encouraged to attend!
  • A'ven would like to spearhead a Healer Fair involving any areas who are willing to have us. This would include an event at the beginning and end and spontaneous RP in between. Ideas for events and what should be included in a booth are welcome!
  • NPCs for adoption. Will has posted some, more are welcome.
  • Ambulance duty to be rotated ICly among riders at all weyrs. OOCly it would not be mandatory or even on a specific rotation, but would provide an excuse for RP at the Hall. - To be discussed with weyrleaders -
  • A bunch of brainstorming

Friday, April 17, 2009

A'ven has arrived.

Public Announcement from Alric: Hey everyone! The Healer Hall is about to start an OOC craft-wide meeting to talk about plans and ideas. If you have or would like to have a healer character @tel #5696!

T'burk has arrived.

Alric turns on the OOC light so we don't have to kep typing 'ooc' and passes around fluffy pillows and Oreos! Thanks for coming down. We'll wait another couple of minutes just in case. :)

You say "I'm logging, just a heads up for everyone as well."

T'burk says "That reminds me…my son has chocolate filled Oreos upstairs…he said I could have some!"

Ruin flutters in from the Healer Hall - Entrance Hallway.
Ruin has arrived.

<OOC> Ruin says, "Tests his human voice. Still scary."

Alric welcomes Ruin and notes that this is all ooc so you don't /need/ to type it every time. :)

Ruin won't then. Ok to nibble a few folks instead?

Alric offers toes.

T'burk needs to cook dinner.

Ruin pounces. Yummm!

T'burk says "Frozen salmon patties. Good but can't be that enticing."

Ruin wants toes.

You say "OK, let's get this party started! I don't have a real strict agenda or anything, but first I guess I should introduce myself. I'm the new CM around here. I've been MUSHing for over a decade but lately I've been taking a bit of a break so I'm technically sort of new to PW. I've got ideas and enthusiasm but I need people and RP to make it happen, and that's where you guys all hopefully come in!"

You say "And we'll catch you when you come back, T'burk. :)"

T'burk says "Oh, the computer is right by the kitchen so I shouldn't miss anything."

Ruin stops gnawing toes to listen.

You say "Right now we have a few things coming up, and the soonest one is actually a personal plotline that's going to result in an emergency which is where we come in. That's T'burk's baby so I'll let him explain it. Do you want to do that in a bit when you get back?"

<OOC> A'ven shares some of this thoughts with Alric in pages so that if he has to go, they'll still be on the table for everybody to consider. :)

You say "OK, so in that case we'll move on to A'ven. He's got an idea to get us out in the public eye a bit, that will hopefully involve stirring up some RP for other areas too. Go A'ven! :D"

T'burk says "This is an event I came up with to generate some real medical action for the Hall. I saw Alric here at the Hall, and someone else, I think it was Will, and I thought, "instead of these people just sitting here, we need to get them something to do." So I got an alt who I volunteered to have a run-in with renegades. I contacted Merrick and he said that he'd pose NPC's so we can have some deaths, so there may be some bodies. However, S'dan, the rider victim, is going to take some serious hits. We'll need surgeons. We will also need Healers who can take blood transfusions,"

You say "Oh, don't go A'ven. I thought T'burk was AFK. One sec. :)"

T'burk goes to cook now. Wanted to give a heads up on the Emergency.

You say "OK, so there's that. Though I must admit IC there's very little sitting around going on. ;) But the emergency angle is a cool one, we'll have to see where that all goes. Even I don't have every detail about the actual incident, but where the Healers come in is dealing with the aftermath, which I think could be fun. This is being planned for next Wednesday, 4/22. There should be follow-up RP for a few days though. Any questions?"

Ruin Where is this emergency taking place?

You say "As far as I know the actual bad event is somewhere not too far from Fort Hold. The 'victim' is a dragon rider who will be able to fly here without going *between*. The healer portion will occur here at the hall."

You say "We won't actually be taking part in the craziness that creates the medical situation (though if anyone wants in I'm sure T'burk would be OK with that). It's not really a Healer plotline, we're just participating in the aftermath if you will."

Ruin Ahh, I see. He'll need surgery and blood transfusions becasue he nearly bleeds to death on his dragon. *cackle* I love blood.

You say "A'ven needs to go soon, so I'll go ahead and have him explain his idea, then we can chat about possiblities for both. Go ahead, A'ven. :)"

A'ven has had this idea for a while now. I think the Healer Hall would be able to do a traveling Health fair: In a nutshell, we go to whichever area wants us, we set up shop, we have an event to kick things off (A screening, a first aid demonstration, a hygine presentation what have you) and then we stay and role-play as we can, for a couple of days, just whenever people are there and interested, offering health services similar to any health fair you might find out in the real world. Then we finish with another planned event, and move on to the next area. So, one planned event, then some free-form catch-as-catch-can RP, then another event to say 'goodbye' Ideas for various services, talks, and content we might provide are welcome but that's the general outline. I did get informal OK's from the wizards, but I'll be writing up a timeline and making it more formal if we get the green light here.

Ruin Oooh! I like!

Alric nods and thinks it's a very cool idea. "We've talked through a few ideas for those book-end events, but if anyone else has thoughts, now or later, they're totally welcome. And of course, if you're not a healer and you see us out there when the time comes, bug us! :D

T'burk says "I like this idea because it gets us all around the different areas of the game to meet new people. Could also mean growth for us as a Hl.."

A'ven says "We might meet some people who want to join the craft :)"

Ruin Can we poke the Weyr-babies with needles?

You say "Yep, those are the goals. A) RP for us B) RP for the areas we go to C) Exposure, meeting folks, getting people to join."

Alric swats at Ruin. "You are a troublemaker. Your owner is much more pleasant. ;)"

A'ven says "We can poke them as long as we have the player's permission - :) and teach them how to brush their teeth. :)"

Ruin Thinks they need immunizations.
:Thinks the adults might need some too. ;)

You say "That's actually a good point Ruin. There are enough people out there who like playing babies!

Any other questions for A'ven before he has to run?"

A'ven has a prediatric specailty, immunizations are right up his alley. Good idea.

T'burk says "From what diseases do we have to immunize? That usually happens once in a while, though….Hmm, is a good thought. But diseases can mutate."

Ruin We can make some up!

A'ven would think a cough or flu might recur year to year in the Cold season.

You say "I was just going to say the flu."
You say "But also maybe the disease from Moreta's time or something, or we could make one up. Yeah."

T'burk says "Oh…I have a caveat about my TP, Emergency…there may be someone planning to complicate things right then. If we don't have enough Healers to RP the operating room scene, and we have to pull Healers away, ICly that could mean my alt has to die to take care fo this other person."

Ruin Or Vitamin K shots for anemia.
Ruin Er, wait.
Ruin Vit b12

You say "We can chat about that OOC if you want, T'burk. Because IC there would be tons of healer NPCs, we wouldn't be overwhelmed with 2 victims. :)"

<OOC> A'ven loves on you all. Gotta go, the log will see everything so if you have an idea it'll get to me eventually — thank you for your help and input. :) See you soon.

You say "I was going to say. Vit K increases clotting. But yeah, I'm sure we could find a reason to poke babies. Thanks for swinging by A'ven!"

A'ven says "Even if it's for blood testing, checking their nutrition. :)"

A'ven has disconnected.

Ruin Loves needles. And wailing babies.

You say "So lots of options with that. The other major thing I've been thinking about, but have not approached the weyrs with yet, is something coming out of T'burk's event. And that is the possibility of making an 'ambulance' force. Basically, having riders rotate through duty here at the Hall, so if there is an emergency they are available to take Healers to the scene and/or transport patients if the patients are transportable. OOC it wouldn't be mandatory or even a real rotation, it would just give riders an excuse to RP here, an hopefully open up some new avenues for RP."

Ruin That is cool, Alric! Search and Rescue wings ought to love that.

T'burk says "Ambulence force would be Search and Rescue. I know Western has one Wing that provides that service."

Ruin Yes, but they normally stay at the Weyrs, with folks from their own wings. I think the idea is to mix it up a little.

You say "Yeah, but normally SAR does patrolling and stuff in their area. This would probably be mostly people from those wings, but sort of like an extended watchrider group. People here for a few days (or however long) at a time."

You say "Exactly Ruin! I'm hoping it might end up causing some RP in the weyrs too as leaders consider, riders agree or disagree, etc. And then trying to figure out good housing and support for the riders here at the Hall. We'll see what the Weyrs say!"

Ruin I think we need some apprectice RP. Classes or some-such.
Ruin And more illness. (can spread food poisoning and flu germs about, if you'd like)
Ruin Sort of like a random weather emitter…

Alric laughs. "Those are actually good ideas! I'm going to take Alric around for random RP too. I was thinking of offering to do sanity checks on candidates before hatchings, and again before weyrlings graduate too. :)
all players on Healer Hall's knot:

T'burk says "I've got an idea. How about S&R Riders trade off and for a few weeks they RP at Healer Hall. That way all the S&R Riders across the game meet the Healers and we can regulate the traning."

Ruin knows just the person to see him.

You say "You know T'burk I thought about that, but I don't want it to be an obligation for riders. I'd like it to be an option instead. And that way if one person really likes the RP they can do it more often, if that makes sense?"

T'burk says "Sure. At best it would be a voluntary program."

Ruin It's fairly similar to the ambulance thing, no?

You say "As for Apprentice RP, there are very few PC apprentices and even fewer who aren't riders. But maybe I could do some kind of regularly scheduled classes that riders could also attend? I'll have to think on that."

You say "Did you mean… something apart from my idea, T'burk?"

T'burk says "Which? The trading off so S&R come to RP training at Healer Hall?"

Ruin was thinking basic first aid… something like that. Might attract riders, too.

You say "Yeah T'burk, that's the ambulance idea, basically. :)"

You say "Yeah Ruin, that's a good idea."

Ruin ponders bloodmobile via dragon.

You say "I like!"

Ruin notes he loves blood. Did I tell you I love blood? Would definitely shadow the troops to heckle and gloat. ;)
Ruin Nanny training. How to stop bloody noses, cure daiper rash, stop coking, soothe teething…
Ruin Err, choking, rather.
Ruin Bandage-making…

T'burk says "Ruin, are you going to be able to take blood donations next Wednesday night?"

Ruin would be happy to latch onto a jugular if offered the chance. ;)

Alric needs just a sec, work phone.

Ruin Seriously, I will be available, yes.

You say "Or at least donate blood. Ruin doesn't have a healer alt atm. :)"

T'burk says "Super! I'm afraid there aren't going to be enough people free."

T'burk says "I was hoping that Moyrel and a few Harpers could come over to donate, and also to act as journalists to get the news."

You say "We can always make it a several day thing, T'burk. Like we wait for him to stabilize a bit before the surgery or whatever, too. Or focus on one bit or the other, based on who comes and what they're interested in doing."

Alric is noting all of your ideas too, Ruin. Do you think people would come from other areas to do training here? Like if I did a class a week and posted the schedule on the Crafts bboard, or announced that the sched would be on the wiki? And did Nanny 101, then CPR, then first aid, then a nutrition cooking class, then… whatever?

Ruin doesn't know if they would come, but if you took 'mini classes' weyr to weyr you might have better luck.

You say "Yeah, I think that's sorta the idea behind the health fair. Maybe if that goes well we could plan on extending it in that fashion. It's a good idea."

You say "I don't want to keep you guys or anything but I really appreciate you coming out! Look for lots of things in the works!"

Ruin We have lots of folk on-game that tend to avoid large-ish scenes that might come for 3-4 player things.

You say "That's a good point. I am right there with them."

T'burk says "BTW…who all should be i on this meeting but isn't here?"

You say "What exactly do you mean? Everyone was invited to come. No one /had/ to be here."

Ruin Will be happy to continue to contemplate mayhem, diaster and death, just for you Alric. I can float over like a cloud of doom and drop my ideas upon HEC from time to time.

You say "Yay!"

<There was some more talk about specifics of T’burk’s event. If you’d like details let Alric know!>

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