Consequences Of Flights

Ista Weyr - Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the procedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

X'hil comes in, herding Kinseth ahead of him, which is /quite/ a sight. "No, no, no. You're just lucky you've not been between in a while! Stubborn bronze. COME ON, in. You're getting seen to by a dragon healer, and that's /final/!" he's muttering, stalking after the dragon. They're both a bit wet, their legs are coated in black sand, and the Weyrleader appears to be clad only in a pair of swim trunks. Does he /ever/ wear proper clothes? He nabs a dragonhealer as soon as he gets Kinseth in, and starts babbling about some scratch on Kinseth's side, or belly, or, something. It's hard to make out, because he's talking really really fast, slight bit frantic. It's his /dragon/, of /course/ he's worried, but it's really not a very big scratch at all.

Ysa did not really give the Healers much opportunity to give her much privacy, not that she really needed it for what she was in there for. Ellamariseth was out stalking the hatching grounds as she was more and more egg heavy every day, and the pair had not gone :between:… well, practically since the flight. Ysa had suddenly a lot of work to do at the Weyr itself, what with the tunnels and the smells and the people getting sick, so she just never thought about. After the last three times, she should have seen the signs. Either way she came storming to the Healers as soon as she can, raising a fuss as she normally does. She had a problem, she was the Weyrwoman, she had to be seen first. Right? Right. And now she sits in a chair next to a cot, more comfortable this way and not looking quite as invalid, waiting on the results. "Can't sharding be… I'll murder…" she's grumbling lowly to herself. It's the Weyrleader that finally catches her attention from cursing at the floor, and from across the ways she makes sure to give him one nasty look, which is rare coming from the goldrider, even if her eyes do take in his form in just those trunks.

Wearing her on-duty tunic, Galina is tagging along with one of the older Journyeman while the rounds are made through a cluster of non-critical patients. Some children scuffed up by rough play, a woman complaining of abdominal pain, a headache-bearing young man; fairly standard fare for the infirmary. She is, naturally, as unobtrusive as she can manage to be — speaking only when spoken to and taking copious amounts of notes. Being so focused on her given tasks, she is, thus far, oblivious of any dragonhealer-y goings on over there. She is not, however, oblivious to the incoming tempest of a Weyrwoman. Her head lifts, owlishly blinking at her before her attention is recalled to the lesson at hand.

Nimen is just ending his shift, seeing to one last patient at the moment. But he's being extra-thorough, taking a moment to re-check the results, especially given Ysa's entrance. Klah-brown eyes are oddly focused as he purses his lips, scanning something on a clipboard, and thus only briefly glancing at the bronze dragons coming in to the dragonhealers. When Nim's done, of course, he walks over to the weyrwoman, clipboard held a bit close in front of his chest, almost like a shield as he approaches the goldrider. Yes, he's noticed that glaring, though perhaps not exactly what she's glaring at. But he forces his shoulders to relax, steps even, expression composed into neutral. "Weyrwoman?" he manages a pleasant smile, tilting his head toward her, "The results confirm," he pauses briefly, to double-check the clipboard, "you are pregnant." He glances up, to judge her expression before continuing.

The dragonhealer leads Kinseth off to another part of the infirmary, giving X'hil a /look/ that pretty much says 'don't follow'. And, he kind of has a point, Kinseth really doesn't need his rider fretting over him. But, still, X'hil paces, sending anxious glances that-a-way. On one return pace, he catches Ysa's look, that nasty look, and he blinks. "I, uh." He frowns, and glances back towards where the dragonhealer took Kinseth. "Er. Did I… is this about the alcohol? I /said/ they could serve one drink with meals…" And then, /then/, Nimen… X'hil blinks a little at the healer, and then shakes his head. He misheard, must have… Right? "Er. Are you going to be long back there with Kinseth?" he calls over his shoulder, a hint of panic in his tone. He's suddenly possessed with the urge to /run/.

"Oh yeah, about the alcohol and more, Weyrleader," Ysa snaps back over to X'hil at his first question. Seems like anything that might pass between his lips is suddenly enough to enrage the woman. The chair she was sitting in smacks against the ground as she jumps out of it, furiously facing Nimen now. "What's that smile on your face, Healer? You think this is funny or a /good/ thing? You!" she snaps to Galina now. She's just pulling everyone into it, apparently, to suffer together! "Come confirm these results, since this man thinks it'd be funny to joke about these things. And you!" The last is said to X'hil, pointing at him and glowering at the same time. "Don't you dare run, bronzerider."

Naturally, the Journeyman she's with happens to finish his route somewhere near where the Weyrwoman is getting her, er, news. The fellow she's with suddenly leans in close to Galina after Ysa's outburst, murmuring something to her before leaving her behind while he heads off to do paperwork. Lucky. "Of course," is intoned, though whether for the Journeyman's benefit or the Weyrwoman's, it's hard to tell. Lips pressed in a flat line, the Apprentice flips to a new page in her notebook. Nothing is written, however, and the pen is clipped temporarily to the cover of the book for safekeeping. Her impassive mien is fixed unblinkingly on the Weyrwoman at first before her gaze slants askance to Nimen. Without a word, she extends a hand for the clipboard, prepared to confirm the results as she is bid.

Poor Nimen, try to be pleasant, and look what happens. He really should take Galina's approach here. The healer's expression quickly shifts into neutral as he blinks at Ysa, "I hardly think it's a subject to joke about," said simply, though X'hil does get a quick, curious glance, before he turns back to the weyrwoman, "The results were are quite clear." Nevertheless, he hands clipboard to Galina, without hesitation.

X'hil stares at Ysa, very much a deer-in-the-headlights sort of look. "I. I…" When she turns attention to Nimen, he does back away slightly, only a few steps, only making it that far, before she turns on him. "Run? Me? I, I wasn't going to run. I never run. Running? I hate it." He's also a /terrible/ liar, possibly the worst on Pern. It's no secret that he likes a good jog now and then, in fact, he goes jogging fairly frequently. Now thoroughly caught, however, X'hil does cautiously approach, eyes on the healers, and specifically Galina. If he overheard what he /thinks/ he overheard, well… He frowns at Nimen. No, no, quite clear is… Actually, the man's brow furrows, and he seems lost in thought for a moment. Huh.

Ysa is a little bit satisfied that Nimen isn't smiling any longer. Better. No happy faces at this terrible news. "It's nothing to be happy about either," she says in a low threatening voice, as if daring him to crack another smile or, worse, congratulate her. One might think that the Weyrwoman hears she had a tumor and a month to live at the riot she was causing. She doesn't believe one word of the Weyrleader, her brows drawn down even lower now at his poor lying. "You run, X'hil, and believe me, I'll make sure Ella catches you and sits her big fat butt on you." Now her green eyes turn to Galina, attention all on her and that clipboard as she awaits the final verdict.

One need not fear Galina smiling about this sort of thing; that would require the capacity for smiling, which she clearly lacks at a genetic level. The clipboard is studied, the contents read, re-read, and ultimately announced with a terribly bland: "The results are clear. You are pregnant." Confirmation completed, she offers the clipboard back to Nimen with a slight inclination of her head that might be construed as apologetic. The young woman takes a slight step back and to a side, leaving her well out of the way of whatever work Nimen might need to do — it's instinctive, really, borne of several turns of staying out of the way. Also, she can now take notes. Not that there are any to take just yet, but … maybe soon. Maybe.

Crack a smile? Nimen wouldn't /dare/! Ysa probably terrifies him almost as much as she terrifies X'hil - well, actually, maybe not. Nims isn't backing away or frowning; indeed, he's simply waiting for the confirmation of the results. Another glance is cast at the weyrleader, though Nims says nothing to the man. He's not dumb enough to look sympathetic. When the clipboard is handed back, he holds it before him again, with a bit of a nod to Galina. Of course, now that she's stepped back out of the way, Nims is once again the closest healer, and he turns back to Ysa.

X'hil parks himself on the cot next to the one Ysa is by. Not running, but, keeping his distance. "I wouldn't, couldn't. Kinseth is still, there." he waves over at the other end of the infirmary, where Kinseth is being seen to by that dragonhealer. The man winces suddenly, coinciding with a pained croon from the bronze, and then shakes his head. Too too much. "You… er… That's… some news." He's being /very/ careful to keep his expression neutral. /Very/ careful. "It, er… /Good/ news?" Is that a hopeful tone? Perhaps more nervous, uncertain.

"Right," Ysa says slowly as she looks away from the Weyrleader and in the direction he indicated, and then right back to the Weyrleader. It looks like she wanted to shout at him a little more but Galina gets her full attention instead. She really wanted to hear it from someone that wasn't smiling at her, because this time it seems to really sink in. She rocks back on her heels and stares forward, deep in her own thoughts (or maybe she fainted while standing up). It's only X'hil's tentative statement — no, question that snaps her out of it, and she looks back to him sharply. "Would ya think that if ya knew the symptoms coincided perfectly with one certain flight time?" she growls out, question to his question. But before he can answer that, she's facing the Healers again and — she makes sure to look at Galina to include her, being a female Healer and all — asks the important one, "What do ya have to remove this parasite?"

She might otherwise be content to be the silent geist just over here … but with Ysa including her in that statement, she is compelled — if grudgingly — to say something. "There are plenty of methods," Galina intones flatly, though the look she gives to Nimen clearly indicates that she'll defer to his judgment. In this case, rank trumps all; this is, after all, more his task to handle than hers. Something is, finally, jotted down into her notebook — painfully neat and precise-sounding. As if finally realizing there is a fourth person present, her pale gaze slides to X'hil in mute appraisal. Moments later, more notes are carefully scripted. Perhaps it's a good thing she's not a MindHealer — for more than one reason.

The weyrleader is given another look, though Nimen's in healer-mode, so it might be impossible to tell just /what/ he's thinking. There's no more smiling, at least, the healer turning back to Ysa at her question, and nodding in agreement with Galina, "There are a number of herbal combinations that can cause abortion, including a tea and a concoction of mistletoe." He settles the clipboard in the crook of his arm as he continues, "The simplest method is to travel between and back. It should suffice to terminate the pregnancy."

X'hil /stares/ at Ysa. He just stares. Flight. Pregnancy. Kinseth. Ellamariseth. Remove the…? Erm. Nope, that's it, that's all his poor brain can handle. He faints. Good thing he was already sitting on a cot, and in the infirmary no less. There's another pained warble from Kinseth's direction, though whether that was at his rider or not — or whether that and the cause of his rider's fainting were actually related more to Kinseth's treatment — is a mystery.

Ysa's attention is fully on Galina at first since it looked like she was going to tell her. A look of frustration passes over the Weyrwoman's features, and she crosses her arms tightly to then look back over to Nimen with a glare that obviously said 'Well!?' She wanted it out, and out as soon as possible. She seems to consider her options, nodding her head slowly. "I'll try some of that tea and concoction — my first, you see, somehow survived one trip :between:. And I bet Kinseth will be ready to skip a few times—" As she turns to X'hil to force him to volunteer for the job, she instead finds that the man has fainted. She sighs, shaking her head just a little. "That is perfect. Exactly what I need."

With Ysa's treatment left in Nimen's more than capable hands (and the Weyrwoman's look of frustration going /completely/ over her head as being directed at her), Galina shifts her attention rather grudgingly to the Weyrleader. The /fainting/ Weyrleader. Her mouth pulls to a side and she ghosts her way around Nimen, granting him a wide berth on her way to X'hil's bedside. The notebook is tucked under an arm after the pen is clipped to it and then she moves to reach a hand out to first attempt to check for a pulse and, then, to likewise try to deliver a light tap to the man's cheek. This is the rare case in which her normally cool hands might actually be beneficial. Of course, if he wakes up before her ministrations … well, he'll probably still get tapped unless he moves out of the way.

Nimen nods to Ysa, "The tea will be ready shortly," as he's already turning to motion an apprentice over, and marking something down on his clipboard, likely instructions of some sort or another. X'hil's sudden fainting over there doesn't go unnoticed, and those eyebrows of his twitch upward just a bit at the weyrleader, although Nimen nods as he sees Galina heading over. Fainting, after all, isn't a terrible emergency since the man's already on a bed, though he does instruct, "Place a folded blanket beneath his feet to elevate and support his legs," as he hands one page of the clipboard off to another apprentice, and then turns back to Ysa, "The concoction will take some time to take effect. It's just like a normal tea, and must be drunk quickly," and he begins writing down instructions, "Would you prefer to do the procedure here? I can have a female healer attend if you would prefer," all this said simply, as he gestures across the room toward the more private cots. "Or I can write out instructions, though it would still be safer to have a healer present."

X'hil wouldn't have been much help anyway, not /immediately/. Kinseth's injury is going to keep the bronze from between for a little while. He doesn't seem to be coming to, though at the tap of Galina's cool hand, he does wince a bit, and shuffle away. That was remarkably quick. Was he /faking/ it? "I'm alright, I'm alright. Just… I should check on Kinseth…" And yet, when he sits up again, it's Ysa that he's eyeing. "Erm. If… I… Whatever you need." he mumbles, sheepishly. Aw, now he's feeling /guilty/. Could be worse, at least he doesn't seem about to /argue/ with Ysa's decision, in fact, he's saying remarkably little on the subject, and avoiding all eye contact.

Ysa's eyes are still on X'hil even as he is recovering easily enough, half listening to Nimen's instructions about the concoction. "You sure you're alright?" she questions the man with a lifted brow, curious at his fainting reaction. She presses her lips together thoughtfully for a long moment before turning to look back at Nimen with a nod of her head. "Write it out and I'll do it at my own time and privacy. I think I first need to go hom and lay down and… think." Think? Was she reconsidering her decision. Her face is still determined at getting what she needs to get rid of it, and she moves over to lean on the other cot. "I'll wait here for it all to be ready and just tell me what I should know." She's starting to look a little drained around the edges, likely the news of being pregnant finally getting to her.

When the Weyrleader sits up abruptly, he's met with a surprisingly stern look from Galina. She points back down to the bed, intoning, "Lie down, please. You don't want to risk getting dizzy, sir." Explanation given, there's a quick glance back to Nimen, a slow blink, and another nod as she moves to acquire a blanket to do precisely that. Presuming X'hil followed her directive previously, she'll then motion for him to lift his feet to allow her to slide the blanket under, not-exactly-asking in her bland way, "Lift your feet, please." Pause. "Would you like a glass of water?" Whatever Ysa's saying to Nimen isn't responded to at all; it's not directed to her, thus, it falls in the peripheral realm of 'things she ought to pay attention to but ought not get involved in'.

Nimen nods to Ysa, writing down the instructions neatly on a sheet of paper, and then walking over to ensure that all the necessary preparations have been made. When he returns, the items are in a small white paper bag, along with a sheet of instructions, which he holds out to the weyrwoman, explaining, "The tea needs to be steeped in one cup boiling water, and drunk quickly once it is cool enough." He continues on to describe the necessity for a towel, and other such things, as well as side effects and such. He is thorough, at least.

X'hil ignores Galina, and focuses on Ysa. "Think? Thinking's good!" Er, that was a /little/ more enthusiastic than he intended. "Don't you think?" he asks, with that same anxiously hopeful, yet uncertain, expression. At Galina's directive to lift his feet, he finally /does/ pay attention, and follows her directives, with a hand on his head. Yes, he probably should have lay down when she directed it, but he's doing so now, at least? He lifts his feet and then plops them back down once the blanket is in place, staring up at the ceiling, muttering quietly to himself. "I. I need… Need to go… I-if the dragonhealer clears Kinseth, for between." But, he doubts it. At least the draconic noises of pain from over there seem to have ceased? At Nimen's instructions to Ysa, the bronze rider grimaces, and shifts on the cot, rolling onto his side, with his back to Ysa and the healers.

Ysa gives X'hil a very awkward look, as if unsure of what to think about his reaction. She slides her glance to Galina, as if the Healer girl might be able to explain this behavior. "Usually it's good. Are ya thinking something, Weyrleader?" And then Nimen is there with her supplies and she pushes away from her cot to grab hold of it all, bobbing her head as she patiently listens and tucks the sheets under an arm. "X'hil," she calls over to the stuttering bronzerider. "Feel free to take a day or two off. It looks like you really need it right about now. And then be ready to work soon since I might need a few days off myself." Since this doesn't sound like it will be pleasant anyway. She nods her head sharply first to Nimen and then Galina. "Thanks for the help and the… solution. I'll make sure to look for either of ya if I have any questions." Or problems, say her eyes. Though if she actually did it'd be back in the infirmary demanding attention in a loud and obnoxious way of hers.

"You will be released when Nimen says you may go," the young woman intones, leaving the matter entirely in the hands of the senior healer. Compliance, even belated, appears to be appreciated by Galina — which is to say, she doesn't say anything further and neither pokes nor prods at him further. When the man turns away, she straightens and moves to retrieve her notebook (set aside, clearly, to allow her to fuss with the blanket) and jot a few more notes down. Nimen's instructions to the Weyrwoman are perhaps noted as well. Silent, now, she leaves the Weyrleader be, although she stands sentinel over him, intending to ensure he doesn't get any silly ideas about getting up or any of that nonsense. At Ysa's glance toward her, there's only a slight shrug, a shallow rise-fall of narrow shoulders. "He will be fine," she finally decides to say, at least in the context of his fainting.

Nimen nods again to Ysa, although Galina gets the briefest look, "That isn't necessary," at her comment about being released, though he might have a word with her about infirmary etiquette later, right now he's with a patient. Telling Ysa, "If symptoms persist after one day, it would indicate complications. A healer can be called immediately," and he'll name a few who have dragons.

X'hil doesn't roll over, he's still got his back to Ysa, but he mutters, "I'm /fine/." though there's a distinctly not-fine quality to his voice. "You do what you have to. It's… not my place." Right. As if he could stop her, anyway. "I'll, I'll go to Xanadu. See Izzy." See his twins, his son and his daughter. "Visit. It's all I /can/ do. They'd never move, I /can't/ move." Okay, he's starting to sound a touch bitter, there. "I can /visit/." he sighs, and peeks over at Galina, and then grimaces. "Can, can I move to a cot nearer Kinseth, at least?" he asks, trying the puppy-dog eyes on Galina. He almost /never/ uses the puppy-dog eyes. Big round blue eyes, swimming in unshed tears. Heart-melting? Yes? No? Please? "I… I can't…" His voice is cracking slightly, he does seem a little emotional. "…I need to be with him." There's a pause, and he adds, "He /needs/ me." It's not the other way around! Honest! Actually, they likely both need the other right now.

Ysa looks conflicted for a long moment as she studies X'hil's back, but then she's gripping the bag tighter and turning to Nimen with a final nod. "Right. That sounds… perfect. Either sharding complications or sharding parasites or…" She takes her stuff, makes sure to thank him one more time, and then starts heading out, though she does pause at the foot of X'hil's bed. "We'll talk later," she starts, and then quickly decides to add, "Maybe." Because after all, she did tell him to take some time off and he'll be gone. "That's definitely good to know. He better be fine," she tells Galina, not even cracking a smile herself, almost making it sound like a threat though it's to X'hil as she sends him one final glance before walking out of the infirmary to go 'think'. Likely going to get a drink, pregnant or not, and go visit her own children. At least the ones that she still claims.

She is not made of stone, this one, though it might be easy to assume for all the sympathy that she displays — which is to say, none at all. Any impending chats about infirmary etiquette and bedside manner will likely neither be the first, nor the last, given her very nature. However, this might be a rare moment in which the mask slips, just a little; it pulls to a side, taking her mouth along with it. Galina's jaw twitches with some uncertainty, pale eyes studying X'hil for a long moment before she finally, slowly, says, "Get up slowly. There should be a cot over there that is not currently being used." No, she will not offer a hand to help him up; no, she will not offer a shoulder to cry on … but she will grant this, at least.

Nimen has things to see to, and as Ysa was his last patient, he is technically off-duty. He does give the weyrleader a considering look, but he'll let another healer take care of the man as Nim himself is being called away once Ysa leaves, with more urgent things to tend to before he can leave for the day.

X'hil sighs, and shakes his head. "Later. I… I hope there aren't… complications." he does offer to Ysa, though he's still not looking at her, even if that means he has to turn his head away. And then, Galina! His new favourite person! "Oh, thank you. Thank you!" he says, quickly, getting slowly to his feet as directed, and moving over to a vacant cot nearer his dragon, which he curls up on, eyes on the bronze, and the dragonhealer attending to him. Eventually, the dragonhealer will return, and the verdict will be handed down: No between and no sand for a /sevenday/. But, for now, X'hil has the thought of his children in his mind, and his lifemate by his side. Things /could/ be worse.

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