Log: Sleepwalking in a Weyr is Bad

Western Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. In addition to two sets of double doors which lead west, one into to the dragonhealing bay, and one into the surgical room, there are several areas partitioned off here. Recovery and birthing are both towards the northwest, while emergency is located towards the east. Directly behind the reception desk, surrounded entirely by glass panes, is the Weyrhealer's office and an ample lift. Cots used for checkups and simple outpatient procedures line most of the north wall, each paired off with a small bedside-table and separated by fabric screens that can be drawn closed for privacy. An immense circle of shining, metal cabinets is situated directly in the center of the room, and sealed, stone counters equipped with metal sinks and storage compartments above and below dot the walls. A wide nook between the Weyrhealer's office and the east wall contains rows of worktables and two large hearths used for preparing various innocuous remedies. Several bubbling cauldrons hang in each hearth, scenting the air both by day and by night with their soothing aromas.

Lissi is laid out on a gurney and the gown cut away, a gash to the side of her leg taking their attention first. "Good then…" the woman says of the call for help. "We'll work on what we can see..until they arrive.. so she doesn't bleed to death.. fell? From what.. a ledge?!" she asks incredulously, eyeing the bronzer, somewhat in disbelief.

"Up.." L'ton waves his hand to indicate the sky, nodding. "She.. She was on a ledge, part waydown. Not.. not all the way. Her.. Her green, couldn't catch…" He stammers, staring at Lissi as they begin their work, fingers plucking at his pockets, before he folds his arms selfconsciously over his bare chest.

A younger trainee brings L'ton a plain tunic, likely a lost-and-found item, but clean, smiling gently she pats his arm, trying to be calming. His weyrmate lays on a gurney, bleeding from various wounds, some scrapes, a few cuts, one large gash on her right thigh, and somewhere on her head, a cut from the back of her ear, disappearing into the mass of black curls, blood matting them. Her breathing is shallow and she gurgles, blood also leaking from her mouth and nose, out cold, unmoving.

Without ceremony or announcement, Alric strides into the infirmary. He's all business with the bluerider who brought them dismissed at the door and Aeryn right behind him. His keen eyes slide over the tableau, taking in Lissi and the healers and then bare-chested L'ton. The Craftmaster pauses near the other healers to offer assistance should they need it, but then he goes where he is most likely to be helpful - L'ton's side. He offers the man a hand and a grave nod. "I'm Alric. Anything you can tell us will be helpful, but you've got great healers here. They'll do everything they can." He pauses, flicks a glance at the gurgling woman on the gurney and carefully smooths his expression.

Aeryn enters the Infirmary a step behind Alric, having been briefed by the Rider who brought them and Alric himself. She is carrying a case with extra supplies, things for pain, suturing materials, bandaging in the event they should be needed. A quick glance is directed at the table where Lissi is lying, her grey eyes taking in the scene, assessing what the needs are. She strides to a counter, sets the case down and moves to wash her hands thoroughly before stepping to the table. "Put me to work." The blood leaking from her mouth draws her attention first, "Is that…coming from her lungs?"

L'ton stares blankly as he tugs the tunic over his head, settling the slightly too big garment over his shoudlers, eyes going immediately back to Lissi, chewing on his lip the whole time. As more healers arrive, L'ton barely flinches, gaze shifting only enough to recognize their presence. And then there's a voice at his ear, and he's jumping, startled, looking surprised. "I…. She.. fell. She's.. been sleep walking. There was a gate, but.." He shakes his head, stammering about it, even as he looks back to Lissi. "I.. I didn't wake up to stop her… I didn't get there fast enough." He says, guilt evident in his voice.

Lyllynae moves into the infirmary, from the bowl.

The little green outside is no less guilt-ridden than the bronzer inside. Her eyes whirl and she swings her head, crooning, loudly, her pretty hide marred with scuffs and scrapes. Inside, the rider is yet unmoving and each breath sends a little gurgle upward, a pitiful sound, her skin alabaster and stark compared to her ebon hair and the deep crimson that has been painted across her body via the swipe of fabric and jostling of the ride here.

Alric nods slowly, as if his motions are shifting to match L'ton's state of mind. "Come, let's sit just over here." He tries to lay a hand lightly on L'ton's shoulder, gesturing with the other hand toward a nearby cot - out of the way of the scurrying healers but hopefully close enough for the bronzerider's comfort. "First of all, things like this are no one's fault. You were taking precautions with the gate, and often sleepwalkers are very quiet when they first slip out of bed. You are here now and that is all that matters." He sits on the cot, patting the spot beside him. "Now, how long has she been sleep walking?"

L'ton hesitates as Alric tries to usher him, but at the hand on his shoulder, the bronzerider is giving in with a nod, moving to settle on the edge of the cot, running his hands through his hair a few times. Continuing to watch Lissi and the healers, its a long time before he responds, shaking his head. "Ah… A couple sevendays, Ah guess. Since.. that wildfire." He mutters, still watching Lissi rather than the healer next to him. "Ah.. though the gate would help."

Lyllynae is about a step behind Aeryn as she enters the infirmary. Dark eyes scan across the scene, but there's a certain nervousness about her. Healer yes, but still apprentice and not exactly having gotten into much with the emergency type situations yet. Lessons, hearing about it, learning about it is one thing - actually being there is a bit different.

Aeryn bends closer, listening with her stethoscope to the lungs and the sounds of Lissi's breathing. "That blood isn't foamy and it's a good sign. Shall we establish an airway?" But she notes the older woman is already sweeping Lissi's mouth with a square of gauze. She peers into Lissi's open mouth along with the other healer. "There it is - on the inside of her cheek. Small laceration." She straightens back up, noting Lyllynae's arrival and beckons her over. They can use the help! When the girl is near enough she asks quitely, "Can you get some crushed ice in a cloth bag?" She raises her voice just a bit to be heard by those nearly, "Where do you keep it? Anyone?"

She is small, not a lot of cushion, so bruises appear quickly here and there some more angry than the others. If only Lissi could wake up.. mind adrift.. so cold.. she just lays there, compliant to whatever is done, unable to protest or help in any way.

The healer straightens as well, "Let's turn her on her side. I don't want the blood going down her throat. She'll inhale it." Alric is beckoned, "Need you for a moment, please." It's a crisp request and she doesn't wait for him to answer as she turns to step to the head of the cot. Her fingers spread to gently cradle Lissi's head and neck. She points with her chin at the injured girl's form. "One at the hips one at the legs, on my count of three we roll to the right." She waits until the others are in position. "Ready? One, two, three!"

L'ton continues to stare, watching the healers, fingers curling in the hem of his borrowed shirt, plucking at it nervously. Aeryn's request is enough, however, to get his attention, and he's stumbling to fill a cloth bag with ice shavings and cubes, returning to her side to offer it. As Lissi's rolled, his breath catches, and he hurriedly backs up, squeezing his eyes shut.

Alric is quick to comply, rank totally forgotten as the healer beckons him. It means he leaves L'ton behind, but the life of one is more important than the mental state of the other. He slides up to her hips, gets his hands in position and nods to the healer at her head. On the count he bears the brunt of the greenirider's weight, lifting as a team and gently turning her onto her side.

Lyllynae slips over to Aeryn's side as she's beckoned having previously made sure to stay where she could see should she be needed but out of the way of those more experience. A nod follows the request and dark eyes search out whoever's giving the answer to the question of where. When L'ton holds out the bag she reaches out to take it from him and returns to the journeywoman's side waiting with it until its needed.

At least she isn't too heavy and rolls easily the gurgling easing up with the position and tending to her cut cheek. Her back is wounded as well though not as bad as the thigh, her small, frame looking even smaller in the bright light of the infirmary and surrounded by so many standing.. and hands. Blood has gathered where her head was laying and the glossy crimson matting is evident at the back of her head.

Aeryn grasps Lissi's feet, turning Lissi's body in unison with the others, keeping the spine straight. A smaller healer healer steps to relieve Alric, placing a hand on Lissi's hip to keep her from rolling. Aeryn nods to Lyllynae with a brief smile, "We'll need smaller packs made of that ice, one for the head, and a few other spots. Use pillowcases." She can leave the feet, so she steps away to get several folded blankets from a stack nearby. These are rolled and wedged behind Lissi to keep her in place.

"Are.. Are ya'll gonna be able ta.. ta fix her?" L'ton asks softly, looking from healer to healer, expectantly, even as he takes a few more shuffling steps backwards as she's propped with pillows. "Ah.. Ah should have caught her. Ah, Ah can't lose her." He stumbles over his words, pausing as he's backing into the cot.

The Healer waits until Aeryn places a small rolled towel under the side of Lissi's neck and something to secure her head from rolling. "Thank you, MasterHealer." Her voice is calm, professional. "I will see to the head wound if you," she indicates Aeryn with her chin, will see to the other injuries." Her eyes seek out Lyllynae, "Keep those ice packs handy. Meanwhile, I'll need you to see to the mouth. Just don't move the head." She indicates a nearby stack of gauze. The blood now trickles harmlessly from Lissi's slack mouth.

Lyllynae nods, "Yes ma'am," she replies turning to find just that, a stack of pillowcases. Ice is shifted between the bags and lined up in a small cluster for the others to grab and place as needed. Another nod and "Yes, ma'am," follows as dark eyes look up at the new directions and the girl shifts her place around to the other side of the cot Lissi is laid on.

Alric nods to the healer who is giving directions, and once he is sure Lissi is not going to go flopping backwards, he tucks his hands behind his back and then turns to rejoin L'ton at the cot. He's watching, ready to lend a hand, but too many cooks in the kitchen is an analogy that can work in the infirmary as well. As L'ton backs up blindly he lifts a hand to the man's arm, trying to guide him back down onto the cot. "Sit, lad." Lad, for all that the two are nearly the same age. "They're doing what they can. The fact that she's breathing easier now is surely a good sign. The best thing you can do is stay out of their way and try to stay positive." He takes a moment to give Lyllynae an encouraging little nod, then turns his eyes back to L'ton.

Aeryn nods and steps to the counter, gathering the supplies she will need, then returns. She places a small bowl with some powder in it on the table beside Lissi's mouth. "It is epinephrine dab a little of it on the cut, Lyllynae. It will stop the bleeding imediately." She moves to clean and inspect the other wounds.

At least she's a compliant patient? Had she landed directly on the ledge it would've been worse but the break in her fall against her lifemate's paw likely spared her. A moan. It's unintelligible but it /is/ a sound. That's good right?

"Ah.." And L'ton nods, slowly settling himself back on the edge of the cot, fingers plucking at it nervously, watching the healers do their job, and try and put the poor fallen Lissi back together. "If… If there hadn't been that ledge.." And then he's choking back, failing to consider the what ifs, looking at Alric nervously. "Ah… She didn't useta walk at night. She.. She was always crying, reaching… but there ain't never no one there."

Alric's brows dip into a faint frown, concern showing on his features as he slowly nods. "It's best not to dwell too much on what might have been. The ledge was there, and so was her dragon, and right now she's still breathing and making sounds and those are both very good things. This all started with the wildfire, you say?" Thoughtful, his bright eyes dart to the injured woman and then back. "Was she injured in it, or part of it in some important way? Sometimes trauma can cause nightmares which might lead to night wandering."

The Healer bends to inspect the head, carefully lifting the dark hair and folding the ear aside to see better. Fingers ever-so-gently probe and for a long moment she is silent. She doesn't speak at once. Instead she cleans the gash carefully. Reaching to swipe a bit of numbweed on it before carefully, but quickly stitching it closed with some neat sutures. Her hand pauses mid-dab as she's applying medicine to the wound at Lissi's moan, her eyes noting the color of her face and her breathing. She finishes with a thickly-padded bandage cushion the spot and it is secured with a wrapping that swathes Lissi's head, leaving the ends of her dark hair to poke out from underneath it. She does all with a minimum of movement to the Rider's head. Eyes flicking to see that Aeryn is doing well, then to Lyllynae, she says, "That's fine, the mouth should be all right for now. Go ahead and place the ice packs. One at the head, one on each of those bruised areas." The critical part done for now, she approaches L'ton.

Lyllynae nods, shifting the bowl just a bit as its set beside her. Probably best not to knock that on the floor right about now. Hands are a bit shaky, but she's trying to focus just on the task at hand rather than the rest of the woman's injuries. The girl reaches for a piece of gauze from that stack, carefully, or at least as carefully as she can, wiping away some of the excess blood in order to find the actual cut once again and placing that dap of epinephrine as directed - hand jerking back with the sound from the patient. Dark eyes, shift back towards the healer and she nods, setting to placing the ice.

Another moan and then Lissi's legs move. Subtley at first then with a sort of jerk one arms lifts and she is reaching again. "MMmm…ssss.." she murmurs hands batting at the hands on her, her body swaying forward and back, straining to move, no real control, so frustrated.

"Ah.. Ah didn't see anything, when she came back. Just.. real dirty. She.. She seemed sorta proud of herself, fer helping. But, then, she started waking up, nightmares and stuff. Ah.. She ain't really talk'd 'bout what she did, just that her and Damasth helped." L'ton offers, hoping that it helps the Master Healer, lifting his gaze to the healer that joins them, leaning to look past her to Lissi as she moans and moves, and then hopefully back to the Healer. "M-ma'am?"

Aeryn nods encouragement to Lyllynae, "I'm done with this one-" She's looking at the legs when they begin moving and she knows what's coming. "Lyllynae! Take the feet, just lay across them - keep them still!" She leeans over Lissi's torso, eyes flicker to see if the other Healer has the Rider's head.

The tone of Alric's voice is the practiced soothingly low notes of a man who has sat on this sort of cot in this sort of situation far too many times. "Well let's just hope that she wakes up and then I can ask her myself. I'll do what I can to make sure that she doesn't keep walking in her sleep. And we'll be sure to post someone to watch her while she's recovering of co-" it's as far as he gets when Aeryn shouts her order to Lyllynae and he bounds up as well, closing the distance to the other cot in quick strides and leaning to help hold her down. "Easy Lissi, just lie still," he tries to calm her through the choas that's about to ensue.

The healer has her mouth open to speak to L'ton when Lissi begins moaning and she pivots one one foot quickly enough that she is back at the Rider's head when the flailing begins. "I need you-" her chin juts at L'ton to do what they-" her chin points at Aeryn and Lyllynae are doing. "And you-" this is directed at Alric, "to take over for me here. Keep her still, I'm sedating her." Again, crisp and in command. She waits only as long as it takes Alric to secure the head and she is slipping away to fill a syringe with fellis. She swabs a spot on Lissi's arm, guides the needle smoothly into a vein, draws the needle back. A soft cloud of blood swirls up into the chanber; she has it right. She presses the plunger, injecting the stuff and waits as the girl quiets. There's a sigh, "That will keep her from injuring herself. I need a word with you, Bronzerider."

Lyllynae jumps too given the shout, doing just as told and laying across the woman's feet in effort of keeping her from moving as much as she can, dark eyes turning towards the other healers.

L'ton stares, panicking as Lissi starts to shake, and at the words of the healer, he's nodding and blindly running to her side, looking at the healers for direction, following their suit. As she's sedated, he stares, blinking a few times, slowly stepping back and nodding to the Healer without really thinking. "Y-Yes ma'am.." He says, dejections and worry evident in every ounce of his being.

Oh how she wants people to stop touching and poking and stitching her! She must, based on the strain in her voice and the way her hands stretch out. She's covered quickly enough and just as the wondeful, sedating goodness starts to drag her away, her eyes open long enough to make out the blury form of one L'ton. Lashes sweep down and her body goes lax and she takes him into her dreams with her.

As Lissi stills back to sleep, tension drains out of Alric's shoulders and he straightens, nodding approval to all of the Healer team. His steps match L'ton's as the bronzerider accompanies the Western Healer to the side. He's there to hear what she says but also to offer support, evident in the way he stands at L'ton's side, as well as the way he keeps his keen blue eyes on the rider, rather than the Healer.

Aeryn remains beside Lissi, pulling up the rails to her cot with a sharp click that resounds in the now-silent room. "Lyllynae, can you help with this-" a hand waves at the clutter of blood-soaked gauze and used pressure dressings scattered about on Lissi's cot. "I'm going to secure her." There are several straps tied under the cot, and she pulls them up and over Lissi's now-still form to tie them across her ankles, snug, but not tight. She moves to do the same to her wrists. "It will keep her from hurting herself," she says softly to L'ton.

L'ton spares a long glance for Alric, nodding, thankful for the Healer's support. Glancing now and then at Lissi, he sighs softly, and then looks back at the Healer expectantly. "Yes ma'am.."

Lissi offers no resistance, none at all, her body limp, pliant. Her dark hair lays in a matted tumble down her back and where the bandage is at her thigh, the sheets are raised. Bruises and scrapes, a few deeper cuts, dot her fair skin but her overall expression at the moment is blissful peace.

The Healer steps away from the cot to draw Lton away, including Alric in her conference with a slight tilt of her head. "L'ton, I'm sure you understand Lissi is badly injured." her voice is measured and soft, compassion-laced while keeping as matter-of-fact as she can, "Her other injuries are superficial. They will heal just fine. Her head is of the most concern to me. It took a hard blow, and while I do not think she cracked the skull, that flailing indicates some brain involvement." She pauses, flickering a glance towards Alric then back to L'ton, "I'd recommend her transport to Healer Hall where she can receive more intensive care." She glances to Alric for his approval.

L'ton is pulled away from the cot, hesitating for a moment, swallowing. And then he's nodding, and ducking his head to listen. A moment to contemplate, and he looks up at the Healer, nodding hurriedly. "Of.. Of course.. She.. She needs to be where she can be taken care of best.." He says hurriedly, turning bck to look at his 'mate, and then at the Healers. "Will.. Will ya talk ta her, when she wakes up? Please? Will ya.. Will ya fix her?"

Lyllynae nods, moving around the cot so that she can pick up all the used pieces and dispose of them accordingly before the woman is transported.

Alric takes a slow breath, but that is the only pause before he is nodding. "That might be best, yes. As long as you think she is stable enough for that sort of transport, I trust in your medical knowledge." It is, after all, not his strongest suit. To L'ton then he offers the faintest of encouraging smiles. "We will do all we can, L'ton. And I know your commitments are widespread these days but you are welcome at the Hall any time as well. I will personally do all I can to help her recover, I give you my word on that.

The Healer nods at L'ton, then Alric. "She will need a few days to stabilize, then we will bundle her with extra care for transport." She pauses while Alric speaks, then adds, "We can only say we will try, L'ton." Her voice is grave. "I will be honest. If the brain swells, we have few options and we may not be able to save her. We will know better by tomorrow." She smiles ever so faintly, "She has a hard head, her dragon helped break her fall. Keep hoping. And… you may wish to stay with her tonight. The healers at the Hall will give her the best of care. She will be in good hands." With that she excuses herself to return to Lissi.

"Of.. Of course. Ah.. could never leave her.. D-Don't worry." He stammers, before glancing sidelong at Alric, hurriedly shaking his head. "There.. There's always time for her. Ah.." He swallows again, and looks bck at the greenrider on the cot. "Ah should have been able to stop it.." He murmurs, and looks from one to the other. "T-Thank you, thank you both… Ah.. know that ya've done all ya can."

Aeryn keeps watch also, checking Lissi's breathing, feeling for a pulse now and then…

Bound. Sedated. Her normal spritely laughter and sparkling eyes quiet and closed. This is not the Lissi L'ton knows, not this still, silent shape in the bed. Her ring does shine from her left ring finger, her only bit of jewelry and it's still in tact, a link to the girl she really is, complex and sparkly, unique.

Alric claps a hand on L'ton's shoulder. "You also did all you could, man. Don't blame yourself." He pauses, eyeing the rider for a beat. "I think if you come to visit Lissi… or rather when, that you and I should have a chat as well." He leaves it at that, backing up to leave the Healers room to work, to get the girl ready for transport once it is safe to do so. And so the efficient hum of the Weyr's infirmary takes over, all the pieces working together to save one of their own.

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