Lesson: A Healer is...

OOC Date: April 24, 2009
IC Date: 2680.13.9
Who: Aeryn and Lyllynae
Where: Healer Hall – Lecture Hall

Healer Hall - Lecture Hall
A dias in the north is backed by a slate board, upon which the lecturer can write. A podium is also located on the dias, providing a handy location for notes and other items to rest. There are seats surrounding the dias in an arc, each row of chairs higher than the other to provide all with a view of the speaker. Some clever smith outfitted the chairs with little swing arms, that allow a piece of paper or hide to be written upon with ease. The room is well lit, and the atmosphere is one that is intended to keep one awake and alert. Behind the highest level of seats in the east, a pair of double doors leads back into the library, while a door off of the dias leads to the back hallway.

The lecture Hall is not completely full today, but there are a significant number of apprentices seated in the chairs and the rustle of them settling as they take their seats fills the room. Whispering sound of clothing, quiet voices murmuring and giggling softly and swing arms clicking into place finally subsides as Aeryn moves smoothly to the podium, "Good morning!" It's a cheerful greeting, the young woman smiles to the group in general as she places her notes upon the flat surface. For a moment she simply scans the faces before her, "So here sit the next generation of Pern's Healers. Welcome to Healer Hall." She pauses, "This will begin an adventure of a lifetime. Today we're going to cover a basic question. What does being a Healer mean?"

Lyllynae nods to the girl beside her as she leans over her own set of paper and pencil ready to take any notes she might need for later. Her own whispering subsiding as the journeywoman takes her place at the front and begins to speak. The other girl, has one more thing to say it seems and whispers perhaps not as quietly as she thought given the room's echo capability. Lyllynae shoots a sidelong glance towards, and gives the slightest of nods in reply even as she directs a finger towards Aeryn. Lesson starting, yes?

Aeryn turns to the slate and writes the words A Healer is Not: Then she steps as few paces to her right and writes the words A Healer Is: before turning back to the room. "I'd like some of you to volunteer what made you decide to be a Healer? Anyone, raise a hand. There are no right or wrong answers." Her grey eyes drift across the class and she points to a small, timid girl in the back. "Yes? No it's ok, speak up a little though?" The girl, blushing mightily, pipes up in a high-pitched voice, "To… to, stop people from dying?" Aeryn nods encouragement, "So to prevent death. It is -sometimes- possible." Her voice is kind, her emphasis is on the word sometimes. "Anyone else?"

Lyllynae listens and watches. For a long while she's quiet and still, but eventually she does raise a tentative hand. Its only once she's called on, and that hand is tucked back to her lap once again that the dark-haired girl speaks up, "To help people… With sickness and injury." she gives her own answer, a little more uncertain of the words now that she's giving them and not just thinking them.

Aeryn considers Lyllynae's answer, a soft smile quirking her lips and she nods approval, "So a Healer can sometimes prevent death, can soothe the suffering of the ill." She writes both under A Healer Is, then steps over A Healer Is Not and writes the words 'always a lifesaver' and 'always able to end suffering' before turning back once more. "So it seems we are in a bit of a quandary, aren't we, as healers?" Grey eyes move from student to student, seeking to meet the eyes of those she can, continuing, "We find ourselves torn between wanting to ease pain and heal and watching some of our efforts fail as the patient endures distress and perhaps dies. Not an easy place to be, is it?" Her head tilts, "One of the most basic struggles you will face is how you will be able to handle the ability to handle both."

Lyllynae hmms to herself, jotting down a few notes as Aeryn makes them on the board at the front. Dark eyes flit from board to paper and finally back to instructor, settling there for a long moment as the woman goes on in her explanation of things. A silent shake of her head follows in reply to the question, rhetorical as it is.

Aeryn draws a deep breath and for a moment she is still, "Alric will likely be talking about this aspect in more detail; this is his specialty." She glances down at her notes briefly, then back at the class, "So we'll find that some things are beyond our control, some things are not." There's a half-grin, "Let me give you a situation, and I'd like a response how you would feel if you were in this situation: A young child has something lodged in his throat, the mother is panicked and the child is blue. You try to clear the throat, but you cannot. The mother is screaming and shaking you as you try to help. Meanwhile, the child dies." A brow quirks, "Your feelings and actions?" Her eyes rest upon Lyllynae.

"I…" Lyllynae starts, not quite certain of her answer even as she tries to form it. She drops off there, taking a second to recollect her thoughts. "I don't know," she admits. "I'd feel really bad about it but… I guess you'd just have to know you did what you could and try to make her understand?"

Aeryn nods approval, "That is a good answer." Her eyes scan the class, "The wisest Healer is one who can actually say he or she doesn't know. There's no shame in that. Remember it." Her chalk scritches as it writes under the Not column 'Always knowledgeable' and under Is she writes 'Caring'. She turns back, walks to the podium, "We do have feelings! The compassion we feel can work both for as well as against us." A hand pops up, and Aeryn nods, "Yes?" A thin boy with large brown eyes hesitantly asks, "I think… I'd cry. Is that ok?" There is a smile from Aeryn as she includes the whole class, "What do the rest of you think to that? Remember there are no wrong answers today."

"Boys don't cry," a pump girl a few seats down from the boy who asked the question replies. "I wouldn't want the mother too see her healer cry." a boy a turn or two older and a few rows back adds. Answers are varied it seems. Some for yes, some for no. Some have definite opinions, while others seem unsure or only to agree with their peers. "It could go.. both ways?" Lyllynae puts in.

Aeryn listens without comment for a time as opinions for back and forth. Lyllynae's comment seems to stop the debate as the class mulls this over. "You are all correct." There's a slight wink Lyllynae's way. One finger lifts, "Except for one thing: boys… and men -do- cry. There is a time and place for it." She gives the young fellow a firm nod. "From the response you've all seen the emotions and reactions of each and every Healer are different. And that is fine." Her voice is warm with conviction, "As a Healer you will deal with a whole range of emotions, both your own and those you minister to. Here you will receive the training to handle them and express them appropriately and professionally." She gives a quick glance at her watch. "We're nearly done, but before I finish the last point, does anyone have any questions?"

Lyllynae jots down a few more notes as Aeyrn takes over the floor once again. There are others who do the same, those few who seem not to have been paying attention at all the whole time, and of course those that fit somewhere in the middle. "When do we get to the good stuff?" one of the boys asks.

Aeryn laughs, it's a hearty, full-throated laugh, "Not sure exactly what you think the 'good stuff' is but I can tell you that later today you'll all be doing some hands-on work in the lab. Pick your partner carefully." She actually smirks, though not unpleasantly as she finishes, "You'll be learning the proper techniques for giving bed baths!" She watches the response in general, eyes a-twinkle.

Rolling of eyes, disappointment and the random snicker are among the more common responses to that bit of information. Lyllynae raises a brow, "Bed baths?" she mutters to herself in question. It makes sense, when you think about it. But still…

Aeryn's eyes crinkle with humor as she watches the class, then she is all business. "Back to the young lady here in the front, you mentioned knowing you did what you could - this thought is the key to giving you the peace of mind you will need to perform as a Healer." Her grey eyes include the whole audience, "Here you will be given the tools and the knowledge to know what to do, how to help, how to cure. This is the other side to the half of letting go, facing death and accepting your limitations. A big responsibility. Do not take it lightly." She lets those words sink in, before giving them a sunny smile, cheeks dimpling. "And we will have fun learning these things, I promise!" She tosses a saucy wink at the poor fellow who asked about the 'good stuff', gathers her notes and steps off the podium. "Class dismissed!"

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