Keighvin's First Aide Demonstration

Fort Weyr - Camp Community Center
This huge space is the centerpiece of Amethysts in the Pines Camp. Made entirely out of pine logs cut from the surrounding forests, it has a natural look. Electric lights are here, but they are recessed and not often used. Most of the time glows set in baskets provide light, to give the appearance of being in a simpler time. In one end of the room there is a huge stone fireplace, often the place where people sit to listen to stories or play games when the weather is bad. Tables and benches are pushed against the walls to leave open space most of the day, but they are pulled out during meal times. A kitchen is in the back.

Numerous healer apprentices are busy putting the final touches on the chairs, as well as setting things up. Only occasionally do they stop and ask for direction. Keighvin is standing off one side talking with a older man who appears to be wearing a Journey knot. He occasionally nods the apprentices and to those starting to filter in.

Elara is standing by one of the long side tables, making sure all the snacks and drinks are in order. Small sandwiches, appetizers and other things good for munching on adorn the tables, as well as a selection of beverages. The Weyrwoman bustles around, straightening this, organizing the utensils, that sort of thing.

Aeyric has arrived with a minecraft rider, D'mond brown Carbonth's rider, and three other minecrafters. Journeyman Nikari, Journeywoman Saiyan, and apprentice Lithisum. Aeyric makes a beeline for something to drink, "Weyrwoman Elara, I don't know if you remember me. I was at the last clutching?" He says courteously. "Its good to see you again."

The various apprentices finally finish setting the last of the chairs as more guests continue to file in and fill the room. Once they are finished they all fill in amongst the other guests where there are empty seats. Keighvin finishes his conversation with the Journeyman and looks towards Elara with a smile and gives the Weyrwoman a nod that he is ready whenever she is.

A'ven arrives more or less on time. He spends just a moment, offering his duties to the Weyrwoman and then notes, "You are still setting up? is there something you need me to help you with?" The Minecrafter too, gets a wave, as A'ven tries to place the face. "Hello.", he says, briefly.

Elara finishes straightening the last tray of sandwiches and turns to smile at Aeyric. "Welcome! I do remember you." And if she didn't, she would fake it. Admitting you've forgotten someone is not proper behavior for a Senior. "How are the mines? Oh, excuse me," she hastens to add as she catches Keighvin's nod. "Have to do intro stuff. Help yourself and enjoy! Hello, A'ven! Kim said she had a wonderful time with you yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride." She strides to the front of the room, her thick skirts swishing along as she moves. "Hello and welcome everyone to the Fort Amethysts at the Pines Camp! We're so pleased tonight to be hosting Master Healer Keighvin, who is going to give us a demonstration in first aid. Important for everyone to know. Please join me in welcoming him." She steps back, applauding, before she grabs a little sandwich and sits down at the end of one of the rows.

Keighvin waits just a brief moment before striding up to the front of the room, grabbing a mug of water to bring up with him, almost as an afterthought. He quietly surveys the assembled guests and then smiles, "Thank you Weyrwoman Elara, and thank you to Fort Weyr for being so generous as to host such a class." He pulls from a pocket a THICK set of cards setting them down on the table in front of him. "I hope you all enjoy lectures." He gives a soft chuckle. "Just kidding. I am not one for giving long lectures as many of my apprentices will attest to. I prefer the more interactive and hands on learning." A number of apprentices in the room nod their heads in agreement. "So before we begin how many of you out there have had to do some sort of first aid before?"

Elara raises her hand with a soft giggle, glancing around to smile back at A'ven.

A'ven raises his hand too, nodding acknowledgement.

Disaster seems to want to rear it's ugly head whenever good things come to Fort, either that or the Junior woke up on the wrong side of the weyr for her nap. Kadesh frowns, slowly making her way into the room with fingertips running through her long raven hair to make it a little more proper for the occasion, puffy and tired honey hues glance across the room at the guests already seated and the location of her superiors. At the very least she's dressed conservatively and not looking like she just rolled out of some random hayloft for a change. In silence, she rolls her eyes as she raises her hand as well.

Keighvin nods as if to himself as nearly half the guests assembled raise there hands. "Wonderful. So many of you already know a little." He ushers in the stragglers who are coming in late. "Hello and welcome, thanks for coming. I will start over for those who just joined…" A few of the apprentices just giggle, knowing full well he is just giving those late arrivals a hard time. "The Weyrwoman came up introduced me, I said thanks and we just asked everyone if they had used first aid. Ok now that we have that out of the way we can continue."

Elara turns to see who came in late, and smiles at Kadesh, motioning her to come sit in Elara's row. Food is laid out along one side of the room for those in need of sustenance.

More late arrivals continue to come in but Keighvin just ignores them. "As many if not all of you already know, the best thing to do is to always get a trained healer. But there are times when injuries are very minor and or a healer is just not readily available. We are going to cover what to do in those circumstances. Before we begin, does anyone have any questions?" He gives brief acknowledgement to Igen's Senior Weyrwoman.

Sneaking in just a bit late is Igens Sr. WeyrWoman. Sianne doesn't try to hide or make herself invisible, nope not her, instead she holds onto a quiet entry while taking the nearest available empty seat.

A'ven is content to listen. He's just recently passed the exams for his rank — but he knows full well that something different just might be covered here, so he listens attentively — in spite of the fact a lot of this is review.

Kadesh doesn't have any questions, nothing appropriate atleast so she continues to maintain her silence on that subject matter and instead sends Elara a grin as she takes a seat by her side. Her hands are folded into her lap in a lady like manner, however, her legs are stretched out before her. She'll move them when someone needs to walk past, til then, she's making the most of the space before her. "Would've come sooner," she whispers with a sidelong glance. "Had to get my brother to watch Kyra. Got her nice and wired before sending her to him." Poor O'lief, though, he loves children and abuse so it was entirely appropriate. The other late comers aren't receiving any of her attention at the moment, it's currently on the guest.

Keighvin waits a moment and when no one has any questions he continues. "Well the first thing we always want to do no matter how serious the injury may be is to always assess the situation. Always make sure that you do not put yourself in harms way by helping. If you are injured you do nothing but make more work for someone else." He smiles. "So now we are in no immediate danger, what do we want to do? Anyone care to wager a guess?"

Aeyric has been sipping juice and listening to Keighvin as he began his lecture. He takes a place near A'ven and mutters some sort of polite greeting. Then at Keighvin's question he frowns, looking up at the Master Healer.

One of the apprentice healer's shouts out, "Check the patient!" Keighvin nods, "Good, ok what do you want to look for first?"

Sianne can't help but chuckle at Kadesh's comment about children and O'lief, she knows all about that after having done the same things with her own children by the man and his weyrmate. "Are they breathing? Bleeding? Alert?" is offered before she can lift a hand or anything else for that matter.

Elara snickers at Kadesh before trying to focus on the lecture. In truth, Elara was always a fidgiting student, and she finds it very hard to sit still. Sianne provides a distraction, and the poor Weyrwoman is lost again. She waves happily to Sianne before trying to settle down again. Alright. Focus.

Kadesh peers across the room and raises her hand as well, just in case she does infact get choosen less the speaker just with to continue. "Check for any life threatening injuries such as a broken back or neck, severe bleeding or head trauma. If the person is seriously injured, precautions have to take place to insure we don't aggravate the injury or put the person's life in further danger. There's paralysis to keep in mind." Well, it's something.

A'ven raises his hand, "Master, wouldn't you take a moment to ask someone nearby if they saw what happened?" "I mean, maybe the cause of the injuries is important." "The first thing I would make sure is if they can breathe properly, maybe their throat is blocked?"

Keighvin nods at all the answers given and smiles. "All very good answers, however Weyrwoman Sianne is exactly right. The first thing beofre we find anything else out is to make sure the patient is conscious, has a pulse, is breathing. Now you may think that is silly especially if it is just a sting or bite, but remember many animals have venom that can render someone unconscious or stop their breather very quickly." As he is talking a young woman comes rushing into the room a rag stained red tied around her arm as she calls out, help, help."

As the young woman comes rushing in, Master Keighvin stands there waiting to see how the crowd reacts. Of course he expects his apprentices to react appropriately since they often have been subjected to his wierd teaching styles. "Now, I forgot to mention the number one rule and first thing you should always do and remember. "Stay calm! I am glad to see only a few of you got overly anxious. If you stay calm it helps everyone out."

Elara realizes it's just an act and she blushes furiously, stepping back away from the group to stand against the wall near the dessert table. Mmm, bubblies. Let's drown our sorrows in sugar, shall we? Munch, munch, munch.

Kadesh bites her lip, not going to say a word or utter a peep but the heaving of her chest may illustrate otherwise and she fights back a laugh full force. Elara standing up had to be the icing on the cake for all of this but she makes no comment and straightens up in her seat as she continues to watch this whole event unfold. To think she was going to skip out on this for an outing of sorts! Slowly her face begins to turn a little red and her hand is slipped over her mouth to make sure not one sound escapes. Breating would be a good thing right about now… Trying to stay calm and composed. Trying being the key word.

Aeyric gapes for a moment as the woman runs out, "aaah, uuuum, maaam….." but then Elara's reaction has him turning his head and Keighvin's reply has him setting his jaw, gulping, and turning to watch. He steps forwards trying to get a better look, then his glasses fall partway down his nose and he pushes them back up, moving closer for a look.

A'ven is startled to be sure. He broods for only a moment over his own incomplete answer. After all, the reason he's here is because he doesn't know everything. He tries to assess the situation at hand. Obviously if the young woman is up and about, and able to carry on like she is, she's not as bad off as some.

Sianne is well shocked back into silence as she ponders all this.

A few of the apprentices have started to excuse themselves from their seats and head over to a small table off to the side. On the table are numerous jars that they start to gather up and hand out to everyone assembled. Keighvin motions the young woman to come up and he removes the rag to reveal narry a scratch. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and always stay calm." He thanks the apprentice healer as she goes and takes her seat. "As you can see some of my apprentices are handing out some jars. These are yours to keep. Do not open them now." I think most of you are pretty reasonable people and I am not going to go into depth on what to do in an emergency, short of getting a healer. Just make sure the injured is as comfortable as possible, is able to breath and get a healer. What I do want to cover is basic first aid for stings, bites and cuts, bruises." He pauses to let the apprentices finish passing out the jars and takes a sip of water. "Ok I think I am doing to much talking, my mouth is getting dry. So how many of you have been stung, bitten or been cut?"

Elara nods towards the Master, but doesn't raise her hand. She's still too embarrassed about her outburst, and she doesn't want to be put on the spot again.

Kadesh raises her hand as she tilts her glance over to her senior with an all too innocent smile, even for herself. You never know what she might miss should she turn away! Oh, she's been cut, bruised, scratched, and a few other things. That's the beauty part of being a parent and a wingrider. As the jars make it their way, she takes one and simply holds it between her knees, keeping her hands free enough to roll back her long sleeves. Can't get them stained now from whatever this stuff might be, she just had her laundry done!

Keighvin looks about at the sound of silence, even from his apprentices. "Ok this isn't working. I guess we need to change tactics here. I need three volunteers."

Elara steadies herself and looks around. Well, might as well be a good example. So she raises her hand towards Keighvin.

Aeyric finally raises his hand. "I got stung by an insect out in the Keroon badlands." He says at last. "My hand swelled up red and puffy for a month." He volunteers. "Out of work for another 6 weeks after the swelling went down."

A'ven raises his hand too. After all, he is wearing a Healer knot. Might as well help the lecture along. He spares a curious look for his jar and what might be in it, taking it with him as he stands up.

V'gay has finished up some records and recording of things and has now made his way down to where the action is. Yup, gotta see whats going on with the class and such. Sure, he'll stick along the esges, no point in stepping in and interrupting them all. Course his eyes do drift here and there at the attendees.

Oh, this is going to be rich indeed. Kadesh puts her hand down when the call for volunteers is made and Elara raises her own. This time, she makes sure she's straightened up well in her seat so she can get a good view of what's going on. Afterall, this is a learning experience and if she's working in a search and rescue wing, this is all valueable information! The basic training was given, but supplementary is more than welcome. The jar! Her eyes dart around to make sure she didn't drop it while she moved and thankfully it didn't go anywhere, she didn't shift her legs too much otherwise she would've likely been more embarrassed than Elara was a moment ago. "Can't have that happening," is muttered as she tucks it closer to her. Attentive eyes are shifted back to the speaker and the demonstration.

Keighvin says "Excellent three volunteers! Thank you. Ok if the three of you," and he points to A'ven, Aeyric and Elara, " would please come forward." As the three come forward he grabs jar or red liquid from the table in front of him and it does not look like redwort. His attention is drawn by the enterance of the Fort's Weyrleader and he smiles. "Oh class, look who just stopped by? Should we recap for the honerable Weyrleader?" He chuckles."

Elara waves towards V'gay with a smile, shaking her head at Keighvin, "That won't be necessary, I'm sure he didn't mean to be late. Weyrs are difficult to run, you know."

V'gay shakes his head "It's okay, I'm sure I can getr a recap later." he states as he finds an empty seat by Kadesh after smiling pleasanty and nodding to Elara as he passes her. "And I certainly did not mean to be late, but everyone had something important that needed to be taken care of just then." He glances over at Kade's jar. Hmm.

A'ven approaches the Master as a volunteer. He nods his head politely and waits for the others to gather — and for instructions.

Keighvin smiles and nods to Elara, "Welcome Weyrleader. Of course, not something I myself would care to do that is for sure. I think surgery is easier than the job you two have." The commend is directed at both the Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader in response to Elara's comment. "Now where were we. Oh yes. Ok Weyrwoman you get to be injured, I will tell you what do, no worries and you two, " he points to the other volunteers, "get to treat her with the help of the class. Nothing like learning hands on." He looks at Elara, "If I may?" and he motions a paintbrush and the red liquid as if painting it on her arm.

Aeyric sets his jar down and follows A'ven and Elara forwards. He nods. "Alright…." His eyes dart from the paintbrush, to the red liquid, to the crowd. The people attending get a nervous glance from the miner.

Elara pushes up the sleeve of her dress, "It won't stain, will it? I just got this from Master Weaver Gerol."

Fear Kade's jar! Why? It's a jar, this is a first aide demonstration and she's holding it. There's no telling what she has in mind for what might possibly be in the vessels and until she finds out, the weyrleader is fixed with one crooked grin as fingernails tap on the surface. Clink, clink, clink. Soon, her eyes are back on Elara, the paint being applied appropriately to her. Nothing like your senior playing doctor on stage for all the weyr to see. "I knew she had a wild streak," she whispers to V'gay. "Living /dangerously/." Snerk. She really does have great respect for the woman, but sometimes when there's fun to be had, there's no passing it up.

Keighvin shakes his head, "No it will wash out and I will be careful not to get any on your dress." He paints a red gash on Elara's arm, pulls out a knife, dips it into the red liquid then drops the knife on the ground beside them. "Now when I say go, start screaming out and I want everyone else to assess the situation with my other two volunteers doing the actual work. Ok ready? Go." Keighvin then takes a step back and lets them start to act out the scene.

Elara stiffens when the Master pulls out the knife. You never know, right? It doesn't help that she was stalked in her youth. She looks at him, disbelief on her face. "Screaming?" Alright, he picked the wrong person for this main part. "Aahhhhh?" she says lamely. "Ow, my arm? Er…help?" She looks like an idiot, and she begins to blush terribly.

V'gay blinks at Kadesh and shakes his head at her and then at Elara's 'scream' he sighs "Scream as if someone' sswitched your tea for whiskey." he offeres helpfully.

Kadesh stands up and peers at Elara with a look of complete shock. "Elara! Something happened to the weyrlings! They ingested tea and got poisoned!" Oh noes! Fort's hospitality is on the line here! Someone do something! Quick! Perhaps it was work of the renegades! Switching all the tea for decaf, those monsters! She straightens up and peers towards her Weyrleader, holding out a hand behind her for a little discreet high five. Sharing the same brainwave, poor Elara. Though, the thought of Elara and whiskey in her tea does sound rather entertaining. Perhaps after the demonstration there could be one of a different kind.

A'ven for one, is quite glad that Elara did not /really/ scream as he's standing right next to her. "Fine thing, Masterhealer, to try and make us all deaf." He laughs, in spite of the apparent 'seriousness' of the situation. Then, he gets down to work." "Right… am I safe?" He eyes the knife warily, motioning to take it away from Elara's dangerous 'assailant' "I'd stay away for now, while you're still holding that Master Healer. Danger to myself, you know." He nods, managing another chuckle.

Aeyric chuckles and then sighs, moving in to get a better look. "Come on Weyrwoman! I've heard firelizards that scream better than that!" Aeyric says encouragingly. "Come on Weyrwoman, scream like you mean it." He says cheerfully.

Keighvin just shakes his head at Elara, "Wow, next time I want you as a patient, maybe I wont go deaf from your screaming." He gives her a smile, "Ok so now what does everyone do? Times a ticking she is bleeding all over."

Elara turns a withering look on her backstabbing Weyrleader and Junior, and turns an even stronger glare onto Aeyric, "Keep teasing me," she says to the three of them, "and you'll find out how much I mean it." She gathers herself and holds out her arm, waiting to be healed.

V'gay closes his eyes as Kadesh also blurts out stuff about tea. He's going to be so dead. He opens his eyes just in time to see Elara's look. Yup. He's dead. At KAdes hi-five he can't help but do it, but still.

One of the apprentices in the room yells out, "YOu need to stop the bleeding." Keighvin then calls back, "Right, once you have made sure she is breathing which she obviously is if she is screaming, which we will pretend she really was." Ok so how do we stop the bleeding? With pressure." He hands the red stained rag from earlier to the two other volunteers. "Ok now you apply pressure directly to the wound."

Aeyric makes a quick guess and says. "Try to stop the bleeding? Tie a tournequet?" He ventures, eyeing the red liquid and grinning at Elara. Then somebody says what he did already.

Death by Elara would be an interesting adventure as it is! That is, if she's in enough shape to catch her junior and weyrleader in a foot race. For now, Kadesh clams up and watches the rest of the 'show' unfold.

Keighvin turns to look for who said tourniquet, "No. unless you are a trained healer of Journey rank or above, and even then you had better be absolutely sure, you should never use one. They are very dangerous and can cause more harm than good and could cause the loss of limb when that wasn't necessary."

A'ven runs through his checklist. "Let's see. The scene is secure. I am safe. Good. I should summon help before I try to assist. He goes through the motions, "You…", he points to the Master. What's your name… Yes, Master Keighvin I'm counting on you. You need to go get a Healer!" The young man resumes talking to himself. "Victim obviously alert — Airway fine, breathing fine… circulation — fine.. Bleeding… right… that's the trouble. He begins to apply direct pressure as best he can.

Elara smiles at A'ven, "Well done," she whispers.

V'gay watches "At least they're not suggesting cauterizing it." he mumrurs to Kadesh, even pretend he doesn't really like the thought of burning the Weyrwoman. One of the juniors onthe other hand.

Keighvin nods to A'ven, "You've sat through my classed before haven't you?" He chuckles. "Well thought out. Now… " he takes a sigh then a drink of water. "So now you have the bleeding under control. If the bleeding is not real bad you can also use numbweed, which is in one of the jars you received, to stop the blood flow also and your patient will appreciate it also because i am sure the injury hurts. If it is deep it will probably require stitches which would need to wait for the healer to arrive." he starts to clap and thank the volunteers. "Thank you you three. I don't mean to rush you through but looking at the time, I do not want to overstay Fort's welcome." He hands Elara a wet cloth to wipe the fake blood off with. "Sorry we couldn't go into more, but we are always available to answer questions. Please feel free to stick around and ask any questions about anything in particular you might have and enjoy the wonderful refreshments that our hostess provided."

No, no! You're supposed to bleed her out so she doesn't bleed anymore and ducttape fixes everything. Unless, well, this is Elara here. She might have ichor instead of blood and breath fire. Maybe squirt blood out of her eye like those terran lizards do when they feel threatened or stressed. Perhaps even fly if Kadesh and V'gay provoke her enough. They'll know for sure in good time, yet another educational process. "Should we poke her with a stick to make sure she doesn't go into shock from bloodloss?" Kadesh isn't sure if she was heard, but it was all in silliness. This talk of cauterizing though… "Not if it's something minor. Stop the bleeding and if the patients stable, suiture it after sanitizing it and clean it again before wrapping. If it's not as deep, clean and wrap then keep dry til they can be taken to an appropriate hall." Shrug. Then the speaker says it a lot more professionally, "Yeah, what he said." Right. When all is said and done, she looks for the closest exit and her proximity to Elara…

Elara turns to smile at Keighvin, bowing, "Thank you for the lesson," she says with a wide smile. "Excuse me." Without bothering to wash off her arm, she strides through the rows of chairs, pointing at Kadesh and V'gay, "Outside. Now." She looks livid.

Uh oh, careful. It senses fear! Kadesh smirks and giggles a bit as she pats her weyrleader on the knee and makes a beeline for the exit. She knows she's going to be in trouble but at the very least you gotta give her credit for being involved and into the demonstration!

Oh yes, he's a dead man. Sorry Pi, looks like no kids now. A glance at Kadesh as she giggles and he gets his knee patted. Oh, this is going to be even better it seems. HE stands up and follows.

Fort's Forests~<> Fort Weyr - Amethysts in the Pines Camp
The camp is nearly finished! New buildings and new trails have been laid down, and everything is fresh and new. The main building is a large structure with a peaked roof, crafted from pine logs. Above the door is a large sign that declares this "Amethysts in the Pines Camp".
One trail leads to the main cabin, and another path leads down to the lake and the stage.

Elara gets just outside the community center before she rounds on her Weyrleader and Junior. "What in Faranth's name was that?" the woman yells. She looks scary, her face blotchy and muscles tense. "What was that? Is that how you show support for your Senior? Is that how you behave yourselves in public?" She was mortified up there. Absolutely mortified. "Teasing me? Threatening my tea?" Okay…that's funny. She shakes her head, "I thought I could trust you. Especially you, V'gay."

V'gay stands there a moment, pondering his reply, he scratches the back of the head and then shakes his head "Mortified? Over tea? Was just trying to help you get into the part, believability and all." he finally states. "Certainly didn't mean to mortify you. I do apologize for that." He shakes his head a bit "I didn't think it was so bad.

There's one thing this girl is used to, and that's being shouted at so she doesn't bat a lash, only crossing her arms across her chest and giving Elara her attention at the very least. Her time as a bar wench has served her well in situations like these. "That was us giving you our undivided attention. I don't speak for V'gay of course." Belatedly her stare is turned to the bronzerider. She likes taking credit for the trouble she causes, gives her something to brag about later. After clearing her throat and sending those narrowed and tired honey hued eyes back to her senior, she continues. "Not only that, with all due respect, Weyrwoman Elara, if I wanted to make an ass of myself, I could've done and have done so much better. Or I could've just slept and snored soundly, I think that would've been more disrespectful to our guest speaker. I could've maintained my silence proving that day dreaming was a more appropriate activity and where do you get us having a little fun with our Senior being a lack of trust? I'd like to think that we're above the rest of those high and mighty, stuffed up, wherry headed, desk jockies that call themselves goldriders because /we/ have a sense of humor. Aside from being 'rolemodels' for the weyr, we're also human beings. Don't want to be someone 'scary' cause I can't crack a joke or show we can have a little bit of fun." Alright, perhaps this girl's tea wasn't decaf and maybe should've been poisoned…? "As for the tea, that was low and I'll never make fun of the tea again." That would've proven to be a great blasphemy indeed. Kade doesn't try to leave, she's sure she missed the point by a longshot so if her incessant talking could screw up a person's thought process, then she might've weasled herway out of a worser fate. Maybe. Hopefully. "You have my apologies." There!

Elara sputters as Kadesh has the audacity to argue with her. "You…you…you…" she stammers out. Then, shock of all shocks, Elara bursts into tears, turns, and runs away.

Keighvin strolls out of the community center rubbing his neck, downing a tall glass of water.

Kadesh shrugs as her Senior runs off into the unknown and turns in time to see their guest make an exit. "Oh, I just wanted to thank you for spending time with us here at Fort. It's good to get a refresher every now and then, sometimes when things are quiet for a while, we take things for granted. Your information was valuable indeed and I appreciate your time. Please don't be a stranger here in Fort."

<>~Beams of sunlight filter down in the distance obscured only by a passing cloud that covers the towering pines in momentary shadow.~<>

V'gay watches Elara run off and he's looking quite quilty. Poor guy has a conscience. "I think it's time to make another trip. Time to bring her some really good tea I think." he murmurs quietly. He then looks at Kadesh and seems about to say something and then shakes his head. What point is there?

Keighvin walks over to the Weyrleader and Jr Weyrwoman. "Thank you. It was my pleasure. And thank you both for allowing me to host it here at Fort. Your hospitality is always second to none." He notices the slight tension in the air and the look on V'gay's face. "I hope I did not cause a problem using Elara as my victim."

V'gay glances over at Keighvin and then he smiles, his face changing "Ahh no, not at all. She was honored to be your victim, just as we are honored to have you here." he smiles charmingly "Alas it was more my fault for not being more supportive."

"Well, it was more a matter of she didn't appreciate our sense of humor. Was in poor form during a time of serious discussion." Kadesh is guilty?! Perhaps, maybe just her pinky but it's something. She shifts on her feet and stares at Keighvin with an awkward smile. "We owe her a proper apology later for our behavior." Our? That's right, V'gay. Foolishness can be contagious.

Keighvin nods and smiles, "Well in your defense you need to have somewhat a sense of humor or seeing the carnage and scars and doing what we do can really get to you as I am sure you are both aware frmo your lines of work also." He take a proffered glass of water from one of his apprentices who knows him too well and downs in quickly before giving the glass back. "Even though we spent a number of years at the hall together I can't say I knew Elara all that well."

"Shards, I was born and raised here and still I don't know Elara all that well." Kadesh chuckles a bit and slowly nods. "Yeah, our work is as fun as any with all the disasters we could possibly want." The junior straightens up and lets her eyes glance across their surroundings before moving back to their guest. "I've seen a lot of horrors out there, and some of them caused by men and women themselves. Search and Rescue has had it's share of atrocities, it's given us too thick a skin I think. Makes us forget about those who are more sensitive to that sorta thing." Cough. Elara. Cough. Emotional pain could linger longer than scratches and cuts.

V'gay gives a nod "I'm thinking a large crate of exquisite teas from Southern. They've some good ones down there." he notes to Kadesh. A thoughtful look to Keighvin "I agree, though our dearest Weyrwoman, she's very proper, and for her, lessons are a serious things and well and Healing as well and for where she's concerned, I should have shown some decoram."

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