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The Weyrs

Active Weyrs

Fort Weyr
Half Moon Bay Weyr
Ierne Weyrhold
Monaco Bay Weyr
Xanadu Weyr

Inactive Weyrs

High Reaches Weyr
Igen Weyr
Ista Weyr

The Crafts - Harper Hall wiki - Smith Craft wiki - Star Craft wiki - The Tannercraft wiki - Weaver Hall wiki - Dragonhealer wiki

Mu* Client Links - Atlantis (mac only) - MUSHclient - SimpleMu

Pern Resource Links - Anne McCaffrey's official website - PernMu* dragon name listing - PernMu* discussion forums - A DragonHealing Informational Website

Plant and Herb Resources

The Plants of Pern - This is a wonderful piece of referentia as Pernese medicine still relies so heavily on plantlife.
A Pernese Herbal - Another wonderful resource that covers the use of plants on Pern in a much broader scope. Great for those botany specialists.

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