Apprentices (from Junior to Senior) are the hardest hit by the ravages of search. Generally speaking, permission is granted more frequently for these ranks to stand. A chat with a master might be required in a few circumstances, but, for the most part, requests are simply approved.

Journeymen and Senior Journeymen need to understand that, ICly, the Hall has invested a great deal of time and resources into their education, and will be loath to part with them if searched. This is a wonderful opportunity for RP with the Masters at the hall. Ask CraftStaff if you need an NPC Master.

Masters, obviously, cannot be searched.

OOCly speaking, if you're planning on putting your character up for search, please let us know well in advance by @mailing the OOC staff (hec .who/admins). You must be a part of the craft for 3 RL months (apprentice, all levels) before you will be released for search. If your character has been promoted to Journeyman within that time, you must wait an additional 3 months from the time of promotion before you will be released to be searched.

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