DragonHealer is NOT a Craft and does not use Craft Ranks. If it is made a 'Craft', then it would contradict rules against riders holding Master rank titles, thus it is a SKILL, not a Craft. Do not use Apprentice, Journeyman or Master in conjunction with DragonHealers. There is NO such thing as a DragonMaster on Pern. This title was not approved. DragonHealers are either Certified to heal dragons or they are not certified and are in training under a Certified DragonHealer.

Grades of DragonHealers:
1. First Aid for dragonkin. Can draw fluids, take tissue samples, give vacinations, bandage wounds, assist another DragonHealer in stiching torn wings
2. Can do wing stitching, assist DRH3 or DRH4 DragonHealers in operations
3. Low Risk Surgery. Operations not involving internal organs, such as compound fracures, removal of foriegn objects. May assist DRH4 or DRH5 DragonHealers in operations.
4. Dragon Surgery. Operations on internal organ not involving brain or heart. (requires assistants)
5. Advanced Dragon Surgery. Heart, brain or other high risk operations. (requires assistants)

Cerified DragonHealers are those above Grade 2.
Grades are Experience Based, starting at when you first began as a DRH. You must be at least 14 turns old to begin training.
Grade 1 Up to 1 turn experience min age: 14
Grade 2 3 turns min age: 17
Grade 3 6 turns min age: 20
Grade 4 12 turns min age: 26
Grade 5 20 turns min age: 34

For information on Dragonhealing Practices: Visit the Dragonhealer Wikidot
For information on how to obtain rank OOCly, type '+drhhelp rank2' on-game.

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