Journeyman is the level at which Healers begin to practice what they've been learning. Each Journeyman must wear the standard white labcoat and the purple Healer tunic while on duty, and display badge and knot while off duty.

Jr. Journeyman - This rank is basically reserved for the senior apprentices who have demonstrated exceptional ability and devotion to the craft, but do not meet the requirements of age or behavior to be a fully ranked Journeyman. Journeymen may also be demoted to this rank for disciplinary purposes.

Journeyman - Journeymen are basically graduates of the Healer Halls version of Medical School. They are frequently posted on assignments far from the Hall to practice medicine along the lines of their chosen school of medicine, and to continue learning about said school and any chosen specialty. Supervision of a journeyman is substantially less than that of an apprentice, and promotions to this rank are not taken lightly.

Sr. Journeyman - Senior Journeymen represent the highest rank that can be achieved before attaining Master status among the healers. They have a great deal of autonomy in terms of what they are allowed to do.

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