Hidecrack infections = Caused by failure to keep a dragon's hide oiled. Starts out as a dry, scaley patch and the dragon complains of itching. If left untreated, can crack and bleed during flight or trips between. The crack can then become infected and the dragon must be grounded untill it is healed.

Constipation = A dragon's anus is located, oddly enough, at the end of the tail, just under the spade shaped tip. This makes it easier for them to deficate while between, so the droppings can be left outside the dragon's 'jump field', preventing them from reappearing with the dragon, falling to the ground and creating a problem for anyone down below. Therefor, a dragon's tail becomes thicker when they need to deficate. A constipated dragon will have an unnaturally thick tail and will need to be purged by a trained dragonhealer.

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