Please refer to +DRHHelp. DragonHealers have their own school at Ierne, no 'hall' and no craft style ranks.

DragonHealing is a skill, not a craft. It is most often taught at Candidate level to Candidates, but in fact, anyone who wants to learn can train in it. Being a rider doesn't make you any more or less skillfull at it, though goldriders have an advantage that their dragons can force an injured dragon to hold still using their telepathy combined with the fact that other dragons will not disobey a direct order from a gold dragon. Most riders learn enough to do first aid level healing on their own dragons.

People wanting to learn advanced Dragonhealing using the latest techniques, can attend a school for DragonHealers at Ierne WeyrHold. This school has all the latest medical technology, special equipment, labs and devices that Weyrs would not generally make room for. It is in fact both a school and a research facility for dragonkind. It lacks a hatching ground for egg studies, but there is the DragonHealer School Annex for Pregnant Gold dragons and Egg research at Xanadu Weyr, who works with the main school at Ierne on issues concerning dragon breeding, pregnacy and eggs.

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