CraftSecond: NPC Aniste

Master Aniste is a kind, matronly woman with a specialty in geriatrics. Generally speaking, she's a very competent woman who handles everything that the Craft Master herself does not have the time (or inclination) to take care of.

The CraftSecond must have a good familiarity with the Healercraft and the administration of it, and must be willing to act as CraftMaster when the CM is away from the Hall. When the CM is in-house, the CraftSecond is the main assistant to the CM, determining those issues which need the CM's attention and which can be dealt with on their own. The C2 helps in deciding promotions and Craft policy, as well as overseeing the Masters in the Craft.

This position is open. If you would like to create an Insta-Master with plans on becoming C2, please contact the OOC Admin (hec .who/admins). It is not necessary for this to include OOC Staff responsibilities, but it can if you are interested.

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