Craftmaster: Fraille

The CraftMaster is the IC head of the Healer Craft. She delegates much, but in the end she is the overseer of every aspect of the Craft's running. The rumors not withstanding, Fraille truly is an ancient woman. A master of the healing craft, Fraille has wiped noses, set bones and even assisted with surgeries. Her talents, however, lay in the field of botany. If it's a plant, Fraille probably knows about it, and knows where to find it. If it's medicinal, she can tell you how to prep it, how long it will last if unused, and probably how to grow it yourself. There are even rumors that her knowledge of Pern's flora extends to poison. Any healer that hears those rumors will scoff, and confirm them readily.

As the Craftmaster, her manner is both brutally efficient and alarmingly cunning. Promotions have slowed since her assumption to the chair, but questions of their legitimacy have all but vanished. While some of the directions that she has taken the craft in have met with serious scrutiny, the majority of the craft's Masters take a unique kind of solace in the fact that they never, ever have to wonder where Fraille stands on any particular subject for very long. Uncompromising honesty doesn't appear to be something she has a problem with…

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