Apprentices primarily attend classes, do chores around the Hall and take on the routine maintenance of the Hospital and supplies (See +hechelp chores), and some basic treatment under the supervision of a Journeyman. All apprentices are required to wear a purple tunic displaying the healer badge, issued by the Hall, during classes and hospital duty.

Jr. Apprentice - Most Juniors are allowed to join the Hall at age 12, though exceptional or resourceful students may be allowed to begin training as early as age 10. A Juniors day consists of doing chores around the Hall for the better part of the day and taking basic courses before being released for meals, homework, and a bit of free time in the evening. They have one day off a week.
Manual sections to study are: gen and rank.

Apprentice - Must be 12 turns old, though exceptions may be made for Juniors that joined the craft at an earlier age. An apprentices day consists of a designated period of the day for doing chores around the hall, taking classes for basic and general medicine, and coursework. Apprentices are allowed slightly more free time in the evenings, and one day off a week.
Manual sections to study are: equip, bones, circ - circ5, resp - resp2, herbs, phys, bites, wounds, frac, burns, infect

Sr. Apprentice - Senior Apprentices live much the same lives that regular apprentices do with a few small exceptions: They are able to assist a higher ranked healer and can take a mentor. Senior Apprentices do not, by default, teach classes. Promotion to Junior or Full Journeyman requires the teaching of a class, but this can only be done on a topic that the apprentice has been cleared to teach in, and MUST be done under closer supervision by an appropriate instructor.
Manual sections to study are: emer, resus, shock, heat, circ6 - circ12, misc, resp3 - resp9, preg, death

Further information on the ranks and what each rank is capable of is located here:

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