General FAQ

Q. My application for admission to the Hall was turnd down. Why?

A. Fraille says, "I approve or reject most applications based on what I feel is your ability to properly RP your requested role. If you're requesting a character that's going to start out as a Master but you've never read a Pern book, you don't know anything about medicine, and you have no grasp of medical canon on Pern, I'm going to reject it. I try and speak to every applicant that crosses my path to make sure that their experience with the Hall is the best that I can make it, and I am willing to give and take in terms of character generation."

Q. Why am I being asked to fill out an application before I can be promoted to X rank?

A. Applicants requesting admission to the Hall as apprentices are usually admitted without additional investigation, as apprentices have limited power and responsibilities ICly and OOCly. Jr. Journeyman and above are a different story, and to be blunt, we want to make sure you can drive before we give you the keys to the scalpul. In case this hasn't been made clear, Craft Staff and Wizards reserve the right to approve or reject any request for admission or promotion as we see fit.

Q. I have a:

  • Suggestion for the site.
  • Idea I'd like the Healer Hall to consider for the future.
  • Question that I would like to see on this list.
  • Desire to help run this site or the Healercraft.

A. Feel free to use in-game mail to get in touch with Fraille, Galina or Phylicia.

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