Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here...

This page is pretty much devoted to that neurological minefield of a brain that squats inside of Fraille's head. We thought it might be beneficial if everyone understood where she was coming from on certain things.

Thoughts on Teaching:

"The number one rule for reaching is that if you don’t know the skill and haven’t been cleared to perform it on a patient, you shouldn’t be teaching it. Exceptions are made under the supervision of qualified healers. If you don’t know if you should be teaching a class or if you should have learned a skill by now, speak with the Craft Staff. No one should be teaching a class solo until they have been cleared by Craft Staff. ALL CLASSES TAUGHT FOR PROMOTION MUST BE OVERSEEN BY A PC CRAFTER OF QUALIFIED RANK OR APPROVED BY CRAFT STAFF TO BE OVERSEEN BY AN NPC. Exceptions may be made at my discretion. "

Thoughts on Promotions:

The following is a direct copy of the In Game guidelines for rank. (+help crank)

  • Apprenticeship can start as early as 10 for some of the less physical disciplines, such as the Harper Hall where a voice or musical aptitude are noticed at an early age. 12 and 14 are the other ages at which apprentices can be started.
  • A promising student of average ability would make Journeyman between 18-21, having proved that s/he has a firm understanding of the basics of whatever trade/profession they've undertaken.
  • Master's knot requires an additional 4-8 years training…for instance, Healer Hall would take the longest. A person of real genius, like Menolly, would receive the accolade much sooner.

"I take promotions seriously, and will not approve your promotion if I do not believe you deserve it, regardless of your qualifications. I will also not promote you 'just because'. As a healer, you are not a cookie. You don't get promoted when your timer dings. You get promoted when you deserve it, and not a moment sooner. The higher in the craft that a healer advances, the more crucial it becomes that they conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. With rank comes responsibility. Abuse of rank will incur consequences up to and including the stripping of said rank. I have the full support of the Craft Wizard when I make the above statements."

Thoughts on Posts:

"I think people sometimes lose sight of the fact that you get posted to a Weyr or a Hold. The Hall posts you. Weyrs do not come to the Healer Hall market, squeeze a healer for freshness and then take them home. The Hall posts you. The Hall can repost you when it wishes. As a healer, you are bound first and foremost to the Hall, at least if you want to continue practicing medicine under its banner. Riders are a bit of an exception, as their duties bind them to the Weyr that they support. OOCly, Craft Staff will never repost you without your knowledge, and will only repost you without your consent as a matter of discipline. What this means ICly, however, is that you can feel free to RP being recalled to the Hall for more education or reassignment. If you would like to be reposted, please get approval from Craft Staff before you begin that RP."

Thoughts on Insta-Healers:

"It is a more or less accepted practice to allow entry into the Craft at the Apprentice level without any serious tests. Applicants wishing to create a Senior Apprentice healer may be subject to an impromptu interview as well by any member of Craft Staff. If, however, you're trying to app a Journeyman or higher, I suggest you bring your A-Game, girlfriend. All Journeyman and higher apps must undergo a mandatory exam, to be administered by Craft Staff. I can't speak for the other staffers, but I'll guarantee you this: I will come after you hard. Here's what I'm looking for in my ranked apps:

  • First and foremost, the intelligence to say, "I don't know," if you find yourself in the middle of a scene and you get put on the spot.
  • A working knowledge of Pernese botanical medicine.
  • At least passing knowledge about Pernese medical technology.
  • At least passing knowledge about RL medicine, anatomy and physiology.
  • A willingness to utilize the Official and Quick Reference wikis.

Here's what will get your app turned down right out of the chute:

  • A lack of the above listed items.
  • A bad attitude.
  • Three words: "I'll Google It!" Google does NOT equal working knowledge.
  • If I find out that you're getting any of your reference data from Wikipedia…
  • If you try and communicate with me like you're texting someone, I will hunt you down with a sock that's been stuffed with rock salt and beat your kidneys to a pulp by way of your rectum. And then I'll reject your app.

In the words of Ruby Rod, "Are we green?"

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