Craft Members
Name Position Specialty Posting
NPC CraftMaster
Mirinda Weyrhealer General Fort Weyr
Senior Journeymen
G'in Weyr Healer Surgery Xanadu Weyr
V'hera Craftrider Physiatry Ierne Weyrhold
C'rus Craftrider Mindhealing Fort Weyr
C'vryn Craftrider Pharmacy Half Moon Bay Weyr
Emelene Weyr Healer Midwifery Igen Weyr
Kera Craftrider General Xanadu Weyr
Laurali Hold Healer General/Botany Stonehaven Cothold
Natali Weyr Healer General Half Moon Bay Weyr
Serafina Weyrhold Healer Pediatrics Ierne Weyrhold
Senior Apprentices
Citayzleat Weyr Healer General Half Moon Bay Weyr
Venryk Weyr Healer Botany Apprentice
Junior Apprentices
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