Sex Female
Flits Roo
Craft DragonHealer
Rank Grade 1
Addtl. Duties Paperwork Assistance
Healer Certs First Aid
Emergency Medicine
Age 17
Birthplace Derelict Beast Hold (Ista)
Significant Other(s) Chaton
Dependents Nornon (brother)


Shorynia is around 4'9" with long black hair that falls down nearly to her butt. Her dark brown eyes and deep, olive complexion add to the impression of her as a dark or somber person. Her form is thin and tiny, quite petite and graceful. She is neither over nor under-endowed, her proportions seemingly perfect between chest, waist, and hips making her quite pleasing to look at.


Her dress belies the impression of darkness, however. She wears a long, bright yellow dress, tied down with a thin brown cord. The dress is cut fairly low, revealing a bit more than might technically be prudent, and is trimmed at the hems with a swirly orange and brown pattern. The final touch, a nice yellow ribbon tying back her hair and prim little soft soled shoes of black and orange seem to fill out her odd juxtaposition.


Shorynia was born in a small hold in Ista's territory. She is from a large family, having 9 siblings. Her young life was happy enough, she worked in the stables some, gathered herbs some, learned some basic cooking, but she never really developed a talent for anything in particular. During the recent earthquakes, she was separated from most of her family before she was rescued by search riders helping Ista Weyr and has continued to reside there as a refuge, for the moment helping however she can.

Life in the Weyr has been very different for Shory than life in a hold, but she's enjoying it. Having spent turns before the earthquake enjoying the company of whoever would join her in her bed, the higher level of sexual ease in the Weyr came naturally to her, so I guess it's no surprise that when she had been in the Weyr around a month she found herself faced with a man who completely knocked her socks off. Who treated her completely different than any other man she met. He was charming, funny, and, most importantly, treated her as something more than just a sex object. It wasn't long before she found herself intentionally seeking Chaton out over other possible partners and even moving into his quarters.

As she settled in further, she found herself volunteering to help with more and more of the running of the Weyr and was soon in charge of inventory and many other stages of the management process. This brought more complications as she found herself in charge of the care of a young renegade boy who was captured during a scuffle in the Weyr and then again when his leaders were captured.



Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Norani mother deceased Journeyman Beastcrafter +40 yes/no
Shorvan father unknown Master Beastcrafter +43 yes/no
Norvan brother unknown Journeyman Runnercrafter +20 yes/yes
Shortor brother unknown Journeyman Beastcrafter +17 yes/yes
Rorava sister unknown Baker +12 yes/yes
Nista sister unknown Baker +12 yes/yes
Rontan brother unknown Journeyman Farmcrafter +7 yes/yes
Sontan brother unknown Journeyman Runnercrafter +4 yes/yes
Chaton Mate Ista Weyr Journeyman MindHealer +1.2.25 no/no
Ninani sister deceased deceased -2 yes/yes
Saniva sister deceased Apprentice Beastcrafter -5 yes/yes
Nornon brother Ista Weyr Weyrbrat -7 yes/yes


Fat and Happy Blue Tipsy
Ruffian Green Queen
Stick in the Mud Brown Mud
Bouncing Bronze Roo
Desert Sun Blue Flop



Shory is what she is and is not a hall-trained healer, though she has some human healing skills in addition to her growing dragonhealing repertoire. Her more salient details can be found on her Character Page at Ista. I may or may not move more info here when I'm bored and have the time.

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