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Rank Senior Journeyman
Specialty Surgery
Mentor None
Posting Xanadu Weyr


A pretty woman, about five and a half feet tall. A round face with a pleasant smile is surrounded by curly, black-silver hair, cut just below her shoulders. A few stray bangs seem to forever hang down in front of emerald green eyes. She has a pleasantly curvy figure, not overly plump, but not skinny either.


Shellie was born at a small cothold on the northern continent, not far from Telgar Hold. Her parents were loving, and cared greatly for her, making sure that she never wanted for anything. She had a pleasant, idyllic life. Up until the Plague of Dark Dreams.

Shellie's parents were among the first victims at Telgar, and Shellie herself contracted the plague. She doesn't remember much about the disease, nor does she want to. All she knows is that when she woke up, her beloved parents had died, leaving her alone.

Shellie couldn't stay in the cothold after her parent's death, because of the memories. So, one day, she left, never to return. Instead, she wandered Pern, until she at last ended up at Western Weyr…


Name Relation Location Position
T'maz Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Bakercraft Craftrider
Mareena Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Nanny

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