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Rank Jr. Journeyman
Specialty Obstetrics
Mentor none
Posting Healer Hall


Pralius is a tall lad, more than a little too long in the leg. His extended appearance makes him seem gawky, almost out of place in whatever he might choose to wear. His hair is a light, sandy blonde, trimmed short and kept neatly in place by its length alone. Bedhead would seem almost impossible for him. His eyes are a light, dusty hazel, varying between greens, blues, and browns depending on the environment and his clothing of choice, so most often they settle in a light greeny range.
Long healer green leggings just barely cover the length from his waist, where they are secured with a plain brown belt, down to his ankles, where white socks peak out above brown boots. His torso is covered with a light beige shirt, over which he wears a plain, healer purple vest with light metallic-gold stitching along the hems.


Pralius was born in Telgar Weyr to Prail, one of the lower caverns workers there. He never knew his father, at least not that he knows of, and if his mother knew who it was, she wasn't telling either. He lived in Telgar until he was 12 and, instead of waiting to be searched or not, he decided to move on. It wasn't that he didn't like the idea of a dragon, he just didn't care to waste his life waiting.

Instead, he sought and received an apprenticeship at the Healer Hall. He gladly move half-way across Pern and to much colder climes just to study healing. While many apprentices lean towards a speciality within only a few turns of study, it took Pralius a bit longer. He'd been a Sr. Apprentice for 3 turns before he settled on general practice, more from a lack of ability to decide between other specialities than from any special love of it. His subsequent assignment to Fort Weyr caught him completely by surprise, but he went willingly and with new winter clothing.

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