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Rank Senior Apprentice
Specialty Botany/Herb-Lore
Mentor None
Posting Xanadu Weyr
Dragon Green Fauikith


Phylicia is made of petite proportions and a lithe, delicate build, her height barely topping at an even five feet. Her naturally pale skin hold a honey hue to it though a large patch above her left bicep, another smaller patch just under her right ear and jaw, and a third on her right thigh seem to hold a rougher texture than the rest of her soft skin. Her form is laced with wiry muscle, while her bust and hips are lightly fleshed, lending softness to her otherwise trim form.

Set into her stout egg-shaped face is a pair of milk chocolate brown irises that sit to either side of a daintily curved nose, the tip upturned just slight like a doll’s. Her cheekbones are soft with lightly fleshed cheeks that lead to a defined jaw and a cute chin that is somewhat pointed. Her hair is of a medium to dark brown hue, and falls to the bottom of her shoulder blades when unconfined with a small hint of natural waviness. There’s a touch of face framing to her styling, leaving a set of ‘bangs’ to brush between her cheekbones and chin.

She wears two layers on the top, the lower layer being that of a t-shirt quality. The sleeve length varies with the seasons, while the color of a light tawny brown stays consistent as well as the low runnershoe scoop of its neckline. Atop that is a half-bodice, half-flyaway blouse of a healer purple. The bodice portion is of heavier brocade fabric, with white embroidery worked in, laced up with a black lacing, the top of the shoulders being wherhide to protect against claws. The lower portion is a lighter flowing fabric of solid healer purple falling to the middle of her thighs, separated from the top with a pure white ribbon. Her pants are a low-rise, button-up, palazzo style in a deep navy blue. A pair of wherhide brown slipper-shoe covers her feet. On her right hip is a holster-style belt pouch.


Phylicia is the youngest daughter to a her mother - a resident of Southern Boll Hold - and her father - a Master Healer specializing in mind healing - who happened to be posted permanently to Boll. The young lady has three older siblings, two brothers and one sister. Rafael is her eldest brother by nine turns, Lynien her middle brother by six turns, and Pia who is her elder sister by four turns. All in all, Licia lived a fairly normal childhood. She got into her fair amount of trouble as a little girl who liked to explore outside, picking this plant and that, but never got into too much trouble that she couldn't get herself out of with a smile and an "I'm sorry." She played with her elder sister a fair deal who was a bit more on the tomboy-ish side than Licia, and ended up getting into a good amount of fights or generally getting scraped up. For some odd reason, Licia liked to play Healer with her sister, and would generally destroy the bottom of her chemise to provide an impromptu 'bandage' for her sister, until she grew wise enough to nip some bandages from the infirmary on occasion.


Her parents raised them well enough, but never paid any special attention to their children, her father especially as he had his patients who took up most of his time. Her mother was left to mend clothing and mind the children when they weren't at their harpering lessons or being watched by another mother as they played with other children. Slowly as time went on, each child started to leave the Hold to do their own thing. After Pia left Boll, Phylicia grew bored and slightly depressed since her favorite person to play Healer (one of the only people who WOULD let her play Healer) with had gone. She asked to be sent off to apprenticeship early, which gave her parents a slight shock since she was never the overly studious type. But when she told her father she wanted to become a Healer that more or less sealed the agreement she could go early if the Masters agreed to it.

So off to Healer Hall she went to become an apprentice at the early age of 10, running many chores around the Hall and acting more like a drudge than a true apprentice until she grew a little older and could join the apprentices without too much fuss. At the age of 13 she was allowed to join them, partaking now in the classes that she had had a habit of listening in on during her first three turns at the Hall. Plants had a special sort of appeal to her, though in the end she decided that she liked almost all the aspects of healing, so that when the Masters would ask, she could say she had no true specialty, but an interest in plants. Now, having been raised in Boll, Licia had seen many a dragon overhead, but never one up close and in person. So when by word of mouth she heard that a Weyrwoman had once been a general-practice Healer, she begged the Masters to transfer her to Xanadu Weyr to study under the current Master and the Weyrwoman. Eventually she wrote a note home to her father, asking of the same thing, and eventually found herself upon a green dragon's back, headed to Xanadu.

When at Xanadu she met a few people – Thea, Sigam and M’nol being some of them – who quickly became friends to the young girl as she worked her way into the way of the Weyr. However it seemed that things were really not to last long, for just before a Turn had passed for Phylicia at the Weyr, she received a recall notice to come back to the Healer Hall, the reason being unstated. Over that time, Phylicia and M’nol had become rather attached to one another, even for being so young. So when the girl was abruptly taken from the Weyr, M’nol was left heartbroken until they were finally able to manage a few sparse meetings. Phylicia was kept at the hall for nearly half a turn, before they finally let the girl return to Xanadu Weyr, nearly completely re-educated and with a Senior Apprentice’s knot upon her shoulder.

Upon the suggestion of fellow healers in her quest for an herb-lore mentor, she searched for a man called The Fetch. After a few days of asking around and persistence she finally found herself a botany/herb-lore mentor in the Journeyman, whose actual name was Tenebrous. Her first few days with him were highly eventful and stressful, but didn't manage to drive her away. Now under his mentor-ship, she spends a fair deal of time out in Xanadu's forest, learning mostly of the plants, but also of the forest itself and practical uses for her knowledge; both in mixing tinctures and potions as well as field first aid. It might be said that some of the things she's learning are things a Healer hardly needs to know, but she retains the knowledge without too much difficulty, and seems to be the better for it all.

After a series of events, while Tenebrous no longer resides at the Weyr or in its surrounding forests, she still finds herself tutored by the Journeyman, leaving for a few days at a time about twice a month for trips into the depths of the forest for continued learning. However, learning in the forest is never easy, and almost a turn into her apprenticeship with Tenebrous, first she stumbled when scaling down a cliff face, earning a badly bruised hip. But that was not the least of her problems. A dry spell that had been working at the time worsened into a drought, leaving the lush forest dry and fragile. With dragonriders at the Weyr so intent on re-learning the use of both flamethrowers and firestone, one of their practice sessions with rope “Thread” lead to hot spots on the plains.

And with a land so thirsty for moisture, the hot spots escalated into a fire, which spread to the part of the forest containing Stormhaven, and the paths Phylicia and Tenebrous normally wander. The girl had been lost deep in thought and pre-occupied, did not mind where her feet were letting her wander to. She had received no warnings to stay out of the forest that she recalled either way. Left with her thinking, only when she smelled the smoke did she realize what was happening. A forest burns quickly either way, but a dry forest burns so much quicker, and Phylicia was caught in a clearing half way between the Weyr and Stormhaven. It was only because of Ciaran finding Tenebrous (while Estevan went for M’nol) that her mentor arrived, smoldering just after she collapsed from the heat. The fire injured mentor and mentee alike. Phylicia suffered lesser degree burns over more of her body, and damage to her throat from too much heat and smoke, while Tenebrous suffered fewer, more severe burns and a blow to the head from a collapsing tree, blocking out a turn’s worth of memory.

Time however always remembers to pass, and both Phylicia and her former mentor managed to heal and move on with their lives. The next turn was by no means easy as she still made her way to Stormhaven now and again, still associating with Tenebrous and even harboring romantic feelings for the man. There were trails to be held there, and there were trails to be held within her craft, after speaking a touch too sharply to Craftmaster Fraille. Only some quick maneuvering on her father's part kept her suspended knot on her shoulder while she stood for Seryth's clutch at Xanadu Weyr. Candidacy was long for the girl, both being unable to see her former mentor as much as she wanted, and generally having problems sleeping. Though, as candidacies do, it came to an end when Seryth's eggs hatched. Twelve people impressed, and Phylicia - having never thought of herself as a rider, ready to go back to the Healer Hall to face Fraille - was one of the last to leave the sands with her new partner, Windborne Secrets Green Fauikith.


Name Relation Location Position Age Difference
Persis Mother Southern Boll Hold Resident +31T 1M
Jaice Father Southern Boll Hold Healer Master: Mindhealer +33T 4M
Rafael Older Brother Healer Hall Healer Master: Obstetrics +9T 7M
Lynien Older Brother Harper Hall Harper Journeyman: Law +6T 3M
Pia Older Sister Ista Weyr Guard +3T 11M
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