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Rank Senior Journeyman
Specialty General Practice
Mentor -
Posting Ista Weyr


Too short to be considered lanky, this man is somewhere between lean and sinewy. He has some muscle, well-toned limbs that make him seem athletic without being brawny. Despite at times giving the impression of a feline, especially in the way he moves, there is a gentleness about his features, echoed on the faint smile lines around his eyes and mouth. He isn't anywhere near imposing, although his klah-brown eyes might, perhaps, be called intense. If one looks closely, in the right light, there are flickers of brighter hues, burning between the dark shades, half-hidden beneath long lashes. The rest of his face is fairly plain, with a small nose and clean-shaven jaw. Close-cropped brown hair tops his head, most of it sticking up fuzzily, with the longest strands forming a jagged fringe above his brows.

The young man's dress style is fairly simple, with little embellishment. He wears ordinary black pants and a light gray, short-sleeved shirt, the latter neatly buttoned and bearing the shoulder knot of a Journeyman Healer. His boots are soft leather, lightly scuffed from use, in the same gray as his shirt. He usually has on a pristine white infirmary coat, and sometimes a purple vest as well, with a white caduceus embroidered on the pocket.


Born to ordinary weyrfolk at Ista, Nimen had a fairly unremarkable childhood. He was a weyrbrat, spending his younger years in the care of the nannies and his later turns at Healer Hall, learning his father's craft and maturing from a troublesome kid into a somewhat less troublesome teenager. Having always been on the small side as a child, he learned to dodge and keep his head down, and use his speed and wits rather than brute force. Nim grew to rather dislike violence at any rate, finding purpose and confidence as a healer, though never quite outgrowing the timidity (and trouble) that marked his adolescence. As an adult, Nim is easygoing and friendly, and once having gained his Senior Journeyman knot, returned to Ista Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Nimia mother Ista Weyr weyrfolk
Gamen father Ista Weyr healer
Sigam * half-brother Xanadu Weyr dragonhealer

* not known ICly, though if your character knows Sigam /well/ ICly, there certainly may be noticeable similarities betwen the two. :3

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