Rank Grade 4
Specialty Dragon Healing
Mentor Kathryn
Posting Xanadu Weyr


Marte stands at an average height, about 5'5" tall; much like her height, her characteristics are unremarkable. Medium brown hair is cropped short for ease, eyes are a brown-tinted hazel, and her small nose is covered with tiny freckles. She's got a lean build, from years of work as a transport rider, though a few feminine curves grace her body.
She wears simple, clean-cut riding leathers in a dark brown, meant clearly for work and not impressive fashion. Dark boots of the same color give her a slight height increase, though the toes are scuffed from use.


Marte grew up at Telgar Weyr, being the daughter of a pair of riders, though which exact pair isn't necessarily known. As soon as she was born possible, she was fostered to the lower caverns, and she grew up under the supervision of the nannies, taking lessons, and causing mischief, and living as simply one of the weyr's children, and not worried about her true parents. When she was old enough, she joined the ranks of the nannies herself, helping out with the children the best she can, though not adding any of her own to the group. At 22, she was surprised to be asked to Stand for the clutch of the visiting gold Hamanth, though she agreed, and took her place amongst the candidates. What was more surprising was the small brown that chose her, Vwayath, making her a rider.

A prolonged illness caused Marte to transfer away from cold Telgar to Ierne, where she took up residence as a private transport rider, and completed a substantial amount of healing as a dragonhealer. However, nearly 8 turns later the issues at Igen reminded her of her own illness, and she took it upon herself to return to a weyr, transferring to Igen to fill in their reduced ranks. Yet, now she's transferred to Xanadu Weyr, looking for a change from the drought-prone desert weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Telgar Weyr Rider
Father Telgar Weyr Rider


Blue Vawlt and Brown Vhelir


Brown Vwayath
Dusty sand floats on a light breeze, coating this brown's long, lanky form, a lazy hue coloring along his body. His elongated, narrow muzzle and jaw do not escape, nor does his whip-like tail. His stomach shows the same dust-stains of travel, though there they are not as thick, and a more russet brown, a simple messenger's color, is visible beneath along his belly and lean limbs. Wings stretch out from his back, the wingspan short, but the sails deeper then normal, pale khaki in contrast to the slightly darker, dusty hues of the wing spars. Dark mountains, a border undisturbed by the dirt, form ridges along his back, beginning at the eyes, and traveling back between headknobs to his tail.

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