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Rank Apprentice
Specialty Undecided
Mentor Undecided
Posting Healer Hall


Deep mahogany eyes are the first feature to be noticed, enhanced by the soft sweep if thick black lashes, and paired with softly arching brows. Her lips are small, heart shaped and at times one would believe a bit too pouty for her face, though she doesn't seem to mind, offering a beautiful smile to anyone she may notice.

Long locks of silken, ebony hair flow down her back, resting around her narrow waist, small wild sprigs fall into her eyes, teasing the girls black gaze. Her skin is flawless, the tone of deep honey rich and smooth, setting a look of perfection to her angelic face.

She is of medium height, not to tall, not to short, not to skinny, not to thick, perhaps falling on that line of average, but either way she moves with grace found only in a child. Her clothing is relatively simple in style. A loose fitting pair of pants paired with the telltale purple tunic of a healer cover her form showing just a hint of developing curvature.


Lyllynae was born into a minor fortian hold. Her mother was a seamstress who fell into the arms a greenrider after an unexpected flight while visiting her brother at Fort Weyr. Childhood for the girl was nothing out of the ordinary as the girl spent her time playing with the other children and learning basic tasks. And so life went on without incident until at thirteen she finally talked both mother and grandparents into allowing her to go and join the ranks of the Healers.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Cothold in Fort Area Seamstress
Father Fort Weyr Rider of Green
Maternal Uncle Fort Weyr
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