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Rank Journeyman
Specialty Emergency
Posting Xanadu Weyr


The first thing you notice about Karashi is she is short, standing not more that 5'4", and is well fleshed out at 143lbs. She has a cuddly hourglass figure which she clads in loose comfortable clothes. She has short and unruly curly ashy brown hair she affectionatly calls 'dead mouse', it is often held back from her face with a colourful scarf. Her skin is milky pale and splattered with the odd freckle, burning easily under the sun. Her eyes are the most interesting feature about her and can only be known as having Central Heterochromia, the main colour can only be described as a greyish blue green but green none the less, the centre of the iris however is a completely different colour being a rather ambery brown. She has a pert little nose and pale rosey lips, and a smattering of pale freckles dusted across the bridge of her nose and cheeks.

Her figure is not perfect, she bears strech marks from the rapid growth of body and her ample chest is bound to her chest though no binding will ever make it stay flat, in fact she envies those of flatter chests. She carries a large scar on her left shin from an insect bite that grew infected and grew in size before the infection was controlled and the wound healed leaving a visible bleach white inch wide streak down her shin. Karashi is not beautiful, but plain and homely as one would say, or almost pretty. Her usual attire is brown pants and boots, with generally a white or green shirt depending on her mood.


Karashi was born of crafters at a hold, her father Robero was a journeyman woodcrafter of some mild talent and her mother Karina was a baker's apprentice. They met at a gather at Black Rock Hold, 9 months on Karashi was born, her mother abandoning her craft soon after Karashi's birth to raise her, no more than 3 turns later Karashi became an older sister to a boy named Allecan. The two of them never got along growing up, it was a simple life for Karashi nothing more than the standard bumps and illnesses a child faces during her life. It was a happy upbringing, she was 12 when she started her healers apprenticeship, her parents were disappointed she did not choose either of their crafts, but her father was proud she was following in his father's footsteps as he had been a healer before he had past.

At 13 she was broken the news she had an older half sister 7 turns her senior. Her name was Zoeya and a rider to a green named Alareeth, Stationed at Western Weyr. At 14 she became an aunt when her sister had a baby girl named Ayshia. At 17 her sister had another girl named Siery, another niece for Karashi. At 18 Karashi had also gained her Journeyman Healer knots, an event everyone was proud of her for. It was in this same turn her brother Allecan impressed a blue and became A'lec of Blue Tiniorth at Fort Weyr. At 19 her sister had her final child another girl this one name Meiha. Nothing much other than these events had happened to Karashi in those 19 turns of life. She had a relationship with a couple of guys, nothing ending in anything serious, the bigges life changing event for Karashi was on her 23rd turning. She was to be stationed at her first Weyr, Xanadu Weyr to be precise. She is eager to see what adventure awaits her there, new things for her to encounter. She still keeps in touch with her parents and sister, sending her nieces gifts for their birthdays. She recieves the occasional letter from her brother but beyond that there isn't much contact between the two of them.

She has been busy since her arrival, with work and the meeting of many new people. It has and still is the adventure she had been waiting for. Shortly after her arrival she attended her first Firelizard hatching and found herself impressing a rather noble bronze she named Katsu.


Image Name Relation Location Position
callum_keithrennie_016.jpg Robero Father Black Rock Hold Woodcrafter
annie_wersching_021.jpg Karina Mother Black Rock Hold Baker
caitlin_wachs_012.jpg Zoeya Older Half-sister Western Weyr Rider to Green Alareeth
aaron_bruckner_014.jpg A'lec Younger Brother Fort Weyr Rider to Blue Tiniorth
Ariel_Winter_005.jpg Ayshia Niece (Zoeya) Western Weyr Weyrbrat
ariel_gade_013.jpg Siery Niece (Zoeya) Western Weyr Weyrbrat
jasmine_anthony_060.jpg Meiha Niece (Zoeya) Western Weyr Weyrbrat
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