Rank Journeyman
Specialty Diagnostics
Mentor NPC
Posting High Reaches Weyr


Jordan is a young man, aged [age] turns, though he doesn't look it. His hair is short, black, and carefully styled. His eyes are somewhere between green and blue. He has a largish nose, which goes well with his overly large lips. Jordan is a little over six feet tall, and fairly skinny in build, though he's begun to fill out recently.

Jordan wears a simple blue long sleeved shirt, underneath a purple tunic with the healer craft insignia. He also wears navy blue trousers, made of the same fabric as the long-sleeved shirt, and sensible shoes. On his shoulder he wears the knot of an apprentice healer, posted to High Reaches Weyr.


Jordan was born in High Reaches Weyr, to a cook, Jorana, and a trader, Derrim. He already had an older brother, Deran. He had a fairly normal childhood, although he did sometimes feel it was a bit lacking. His father, Derrim, was away most of the time, and his mother was busy. His brother seemed more interested in other pursuits. But, really, his parents could have done a much much worse job, as Jordan actually turned out okay.

Shortly before Jordan's thirteenth turn, his father went on a trading trip, as he often did, but didn't return. Word came back that he'd died. The very next week, Jordan apprenticed to the healer craft to deal with his grief, while his brother turned to alcohol - more specifically, tending bar in the local tavern. Not long after, his best friend and fellow healer was searched, impressing a feisty little green. Tur'ton and Jordan remain close friends, although Lacrath takes up a lot of his old buddy's time now.

At the age of eighteen, Jordan was searched to stand at High Reaches Weyr as a candidate, joined shortly afterwards by his older brother. Neither impressed, though neither brother took it to heart. Deran, Jordan's brother, wouldn't have another chance, he'd grown too old to stand, but he'd only stood to keep an eye on his brother anyway, so he slipped easily back behind the bar. Jordan went back to his healer studies, and worked his way up to journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position
Jorana Mother High Reaches Weyr Cook
Derrim Father -Deceased- Trader
Deran Older Brother High Reaches Weyr Bartender


Brown Pony
Deep, sun-warmed rosewood is the hue of this brown firelizard, an even glistening tone that might put one in mind of an old family dining table, passed down through the years and made smooth and shining by the years of careful oiling and the stroking of loving hands. Brilliant panels of autumn maple line the membranes between the fingers of his wings, carved so thin that the light passes through them and casts in shadow in warm, russet light. The tiny ridges from his head to his tail are drizzled with orange blossom honey, right down to the tip of his tail where sits a cap of goldenrod pollen that shimmers in the light.

Blue DJ
If an intimidating mass of barnacle-studded, kelp-covered rock could rise from the depths of the sea and take on the form of a firelizard, it would probably resemble this rather large blue. Dark swathes of midnight blue make up his brawny form, carefully sculpting around the muscular forelimbs and powerful shoulders to spill over the spars of large, lengthy wings. Inky pools of onyx coat his dangerously sharp talons, and the same hue edges along his whiplashing tail. Hints of seaweed-brown and green wash over the thin, translucent membranes of his wingsails, melding smoothly into a flowing wave of dark turquoise, a hue which steadily darkens by gradients to grasp at the very edge of his wings before ebbing.

Green Companion
Gentle hues of jade ensconce this small green's lean form, melding perfectly to each curve of wing and limb. The growing light of dawn illuminates her petite head, lightening the hues of jade there into paler ones. Slightly darker greens gradually spill down her chest, flowing over each forelimb and collecting on her talons in a pool of blackish green. Grassy greens wave carefully across her shoulders and onto each of her wings, gaining brilliance as they flow over smooth sails and spars, as though they, too, were touched by the radiance of the rising sun. More muted shades of jade make their way along her sinuous tail, a uniform hue coating the spaded tip.

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