Rank Sr. Apprentice
Specialty General
Mentor None
Posting Ista Weyr


A diminutive young woman, Galina barely looks her age — which can roughly be gauged at 16 turns old. Her hair is a thick fall of black that's generally twisted up in a braided bun and pinned in place at the back of her head. Pale gray eyes observe the world with a clinical coolness, set beneath mildly arched brows; overall, she is a very severe and angular sort of figure, which, when coupled with her too-pale skin, grants the impression that she might well have been carved of cold marble. The sense of frailty is only skin-deep; there is a wiry sort of strength in her, the sort of strength that suggests she's not entirely helpless.

Her clothing tends toward pale or dark, with no variation or shades of gray (or much color at all, for that matter) between; today, it's an austere white blouse with long sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a long black skirt that swirls at her ankles. A black belt keeps the skirt cinched in place. Perhaps in a nod to her status as a relatively new Istan, what might have been black shoes have been replaced with dark brown leather sandals. Her knot indicates that she's residing at Ista Weyr as a Healer.


Galina is the third child of Katenka and Arkady, preceded by her eldest sister Lilya and eldest brother Makari. Her younger brother, Ippolit, was born two turns later. Since her youth, she's always been fascinated by medicine and the art of healing; it fit well with her clinical nature and her need to analyze everything to figure out the problem and the correct solution to it.

At the age of twelve, she was sent to the Healer's Hall for proper training beyond what little the resident Journeyman of her home, Ogren Hold, felt comfortable teaching her. She caught on quickly enough and delved into her studies, where her perfectionist nature rapidly developed and bloomed. Tending to keep her distance from other Apprentices and students, she preferred, instead, to spend her time sitting with the Journeymen and Masters when she could to further her education.

Shortly after turning sixteen, she was sent with a few other Healer's Apprentices to Ista Weyr to assist and further their collective education. She is still not yet certain whether she cares much for the warm weather and the humidity; indeed, the very climate is at odds with her cold and distant personality in a way that she did not fully anticipate. Being Holdbred, the very nature of the Weyr is a peculiar thing and, while she's willing to stay for the sake of her education, she's often puzzled or downright disturbed by Weyrlife as a whole.

With her elders, she is exceedingly respectful; others are viewed as a strange species of alien that only makes sense when they are sick or hurt. Humor is lost on her and attempts to engage her in conversation are due to take peculiar turns. At the least, she's willing to make an effort to be sociable; she just utterly fails at it in spectacular ways.


Name Relation Location Position
Arkady Father Ogren Hold Resident
Ippolit Brother Ogren Hold Resident
Katenka Mother Ogren Hold Resident
Lilya Sister Ogren Hold Resident
Makari Brother Ogren Hold Resident


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