Rank CraftMaster
Specialty Mindhealing
Posting Healer CraftHall


Though not the imposingly towering sort, Valric is tall and his height is emphasized by the languidly graceful way he moves and lean muscle rather than bulk. Russet hair, somewhere between blond and red is perpetually tousled, stubborn waves and wayward curls left just long enough to sweep above his brow and brush his collar. His eyes are a piercing blue, intense even when the rest of his features are in repose, ever so slightly down-turned at the outer corners where the first signs of wrinkles show. The strong lines of cheekbones, jaw and nose are balanced by his expressive eyebrows and full lips. His voice is a purr of a cultured tenor, that mouth prone to a sardonic twist, and though his gaze may not be pointed he misses little.
A long-sleeved shirt of mellow blue is ornamented by carved bone buttons which have been undone far enough to show a flash of the tanned skin beneath. Dark charcoal pants skim over his legs, tailored but not tight, and the glint of freshly polished black boots peeks out from beneath them. He wears a large onyx ring on one finger and a black belt with an intricately worked silver buckle, dapper but short of dandy.


The eldest of 4, Alric was born early in the union of Journeyman Harper Larchon and infirmary aide Aishel. Both retained their careers but spent as much time as possible with their son, which likely played a part in his balance between scientific interests and people interests. His 3 siblings were born in quick succession and young Alric found his niche in being charming and sometimes sly to get his piece of the proverbial pie. Seeing his ease with people and his ability to ferret out the truth even from devious baby brothers, Larchon encouraged Alric to join the Harper Hall. Science held a greater draw for the young teen though, and he ended up apprenticed to the nearby Healer Hall much to his mother's delight.

Alric applied himself as an apprentice, and the fact that he managed to get on the good side of nearly every Journeyman and Master that he encountered didn't hurt. At 15 he was searched to Fort Weyr. He found the process of candidacy and observing his fellows fascinating and hoped to Impress and continue in his craft after graduation. Unfortunately he was left on the sands, and the entire experience was one that lingers with him to his day.

Though skilled at pharmacy and decent across the board, Alric showed early interest in the area of mind-healing, and when he walked the tables at a respectable 20 turns he chose that as his specialty without hesitation. His thirst for knowledge led him to continue to learn about other areas of his craft, but his focus was always on the mind and the techniques and herbs to assist with it. If anything this smattering of continuing education in other disciplines slowed him up a bit, and he was a Journeyman for a full 9 turns before being promoted to Master.

Throughout this time at the Hall he had the usual ups and downs of life, love and duty. Without major tragedy or long-term serious relationship his focus has always been his work. At 30, he was given the knot of CraftMaster, and he is slowly settling into the new rank and new responsibilities.


Name Relation Location Position
Aishel Mother Harper Hall Infirmary Aide
Larchon Father Harper Hall Sr Journeyman Harper
Chelan Brother (-2T) Igen Wer Journeyman Harper
Helran Brother (-3T) Western Weyr Journeyman Harper
Shia Sister(-4T) Ista Weyr Greenrider


Aurora Borealis Gold Eos
Golden splendor shimmers in gossamer veils of silken topaz from muzzle to tail tip, giving this regal queen firelizard a dreamlike quality and a radiant iridescence to her frosted citrine hide. Shifting streaks, dancing columns of roseate light, flare over her lithe form as she moves. Celadon flame scintillates with illusive abandon down her flanks, its incandescence drawing the eye only to fade, fickle hues receding then just as quickly rippling into a curtain of luminous amber dawn that blossom in pulsating waves and dancing arcs across her haunches. Her delicate wings, primed for flight, quiver revealing ethereal tendrils of gilded mist a-glimmer in filmy whorls across screens of nebulous pearl.

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