Rank Grade 5
Specialty Dragon Healing
Posting Ista Weyr


She appears to be middle aged or so. She looks to be in fine physical shape. Her hands are long and slender yet strong. 5' 9" she is slender, her hair is dark-blonde, touched with grey here and there and falls to her mid-back, dark-brown brows arch over grey-green eyes. The left side of her face is scarred. She is wearing midnight-blue pants, a belted grey tunic and black boots.


Alicia grew up on the Fortian/Ruathan Border. She is the youngest of 6 children. During her childhoood Alicia was caught in the middle of a brawl at a gather which occured at night. During the fight a torch was knocked over and Alicia was burned badly on the left side of her face before she was pulled free of the flames. The next turn of her life was spent at the Healer Hall where she recovered from the trauma of her burns and the dreams that followed.

It was during her second year of staying at the healer Hall that she met Corinth and J'dan, and rather suddenly at that. She was outside minding her own business when the seagreen dragon suddenly decided that Alicia was fit to stand for the latest clutch at Eastern Weyr. And so packing up her belongings that were at the Hall, she arranged for a message to be sent to her parents. She then joined J'dan on his flight back to Eastern Weyr.

Here started her life as a candidate which went along as a candidate's life should, chores and lots of them. Well, hatching day arrived and out of the Smoking Mountain Egg burst a gorgeous blue hatchling with silver 'frosting' on his hide. And so began the partnership of Berry Blue Dlienth and Alicia, to the delight of her parents who were watching from the galleries.

Right after her graduation a fellow weyrling who had been a good friend to Alicia pulled a stupid stunt and lost his dragon and his life. Alicia asked for and recieved, on advise from the weyr's healers, transfer to Ierne Weyrhold. She has moved around a bit since, living at Ierne and Igen before settling at Ista Weyr.


Talley — Alicia's daughter by her deceased weyrmate B'ley.

She is a lovely young lady. Red hair, streaked with blond and browns, it falls to her waist and is braided. Pale green eyes with flecks of golden brown gaze out at the landscape. She looks to be about 5'8" tall. She is wearing a lightweight sleeveless dress and sandals.


Bronze Samhain—He has a haughty bearing, like he is special and he knows it. His body is a dark creamy bronze, like the color of klah with a touch of milk. His head, arms, legs, wings and tail are dark bronze with no hint of 'cream'. His eyes whirl a near continuous pale blue as he watches those about him.

Blue Dagger—Though in the upper size range for a blue, this firelizard isn't exactly big. He's long, to be sure, with an impressive wingspan, but he's also thin, he could curl up into a smaller ball than many greens. Thin and sharp, every angle a tight one, every tip pointed almost to the extreme, a shiny steel blue coat overlaying all. He looks more like a tunnelsnake than a firelizard.

Druid—Molten dark chocolate engulfs this brown's wedge shaped head, the velvety color suffusing his seemingly cracked hide all the way down to his chest. Ripples of burnt umber fill the cracks, almost vein like in their formation, creeping over his entire body save his wings. The firelizard's wings are compact, giving his body a stocky look. They're shaded a deep auburn, the red shades displayed more vibrantly on his shimmering sails. Engulfing his broad shoulders is a waxy maroon which pours down his thick limbs and along his nicely curved belly all the way down his whip-like tail. Burgundy talons cap his wings and large paws giving them a slick look.


Sun Ripened Berry Blue Dlienth

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