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Rank Sr Journeywoman
Specialty MindHealing
Posting Temporarily, Ierne Weyrhold



Adella is a tall, slender woman of about thirty turns of age. She stands nearly five feet and seven inches tall, her shoulders back and head raised to her full height. Not at all curvaceous, Adella’s body hides her gender well in that her hips and chest are not full or accentuated. She is, despite this, feminine; her hair is very long and a dark brown, cut straight across her forehead into bangs that hang into her eyes a bit. Her eyes are brown and soft. Her face, too, is soft, rounded and without angularity, her skin is freckled and ever so slightly darkened by the sun. Adelle’s fingers are delicate and long, nails cut short, and her arms are thin but muscular. She carries herself with a natural grace.
This woman wears a long black tunic underneath a dark red, thick, heavy riding jacket. The jacket is worn and cracked in places. Her riding pants are of the same color and of similar wear, losing color and fading to black in the knees. On her feet are a sturdy pair of black boots. Tied about her neck is a loose, knit scarf.


Adella was born on the morning of a cold, dark winter day to Adar and D’yek of Benden Weyr. Adar, Adella’s mother, was the rider of green Hystereth and D’yek, her father, was the rider of brown Fydelth. Adella was the product of a mating flight. Adella was the third child of Adar but D’yek’s first. The other two children were by a man named R’amu, rider of blue Marnth. R’amu was closer with Adar and therefore more of a father to Adella than D’yek ever was. Shortly afterwards, D’yek was transferred to another weyr and Adella hasn’t seen him since.
Adella’s siblings are Ascht and Mischa. Mischa is what would commonly be referred to as a schizophrenic nowadays.
Adella spent eighteen years at Benden weyr. She was raised mostly by nannies but her parents were fairly present in her life. She is very close to her mother’s weyrmate R’amu and goes to him for advice when she is in need. Adar and Adella, however, do not get along so well. The two fight constantly and have always been very different. The first item of contention is generally Adella’s sexuality. While weyrs and dragonriders are more open about sexuality, Adella’s mother was raised strictly at a hold and does not approve of homosexual women, let alone bisexual women, specifically. R’amu, however, doesn’t care much about Adella’s sexuality and tries to support her and defend her from her mother.
At the age of thirteen, Adella was entered into the Healer craft, intending to focus on Mindhealing eventually. And she was thrilled to get away. At nineteen, Adella achieved journeyman status and began studying Mindhealing. At twenty-five, Adella was on her way to becoming a master when Telgar Weyr searched her. At Telgar, she impressed to green Yrsavaith. The two spent weyrlinghood at Telgar. In her weyrling class was a woman named Madria who had impressed brown Perlasth. The two met during Yrsavaith’s first mating flight and soon became weyrmated. Eventually, however, the relationship ended messily and Adella asked to be transferred.
When Adella was thirty-three years old, she was transferred to Ierne Weyrhold, posted as a Mindhealer working with the troubled.


Name Relation Location Position
Adar Mother Deceased Rider to Green Hystereth
D'yek Father Unknown Rider to Brown Fydelth
R'amu Step-Father Benden Weyr Smith Craftrider to blue Marnth
Ascht Brother Telgar Weyr Bartender
Mischa Brother Benden Weyr, living with R'amu Unemployed
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