The Plants of Pern
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H = This plant is listed only in a historic manner, and may or may not currently exist on Pern. It can probably be safely assumed it still exists somewhere.
I = This plant is a known import to Pern from Earth.
N = This plant is a known native to Pern.
? = I was uncertain of the information, and made an educated guess.

Aconite (H)

Known location: near Fort Hold
Growth form: root
Uses: medicinal herb, anodyne, for heart palpitations. Root is used in a powdered form.


Uses: medicinal herb, anodyne, for heart palpitations.

Air Vines

Known location: Paradise River


Uses: medicinal, as a tea it is good for the stomach. diuretic.


Growth form: tree
Known locations: Benden Hold
Uses: edible nuts


Uses: medicinal herb, for burns

Ash (I)

Growth form: Tree
General habitat: 'higher reaches' (dragonlovers guide)-hills/higher ground over the flat plains(?)
Uses: ash bark used medicinally, as a diuretic and febrifuge.


Uses: asparagus tinticure used (primarily in Weyrs) to stave off drunkedness. Also is a part of the 'killer cure' for hangovers.

Bamboo grasses (N)

Growth form: bamboo-like grassoid, triangular cross-section
Known locations: Nerat Hold, Southern Hold
General habitat: marshy land
Uses: Nerat: braid and twisted like wicker, used for furniture.
Southern: used as food
Misc.: light and strong. Southern:"…grow so swiftly that in the afternoon a kitchen auntie has to cut down stalks she planted in the morning, or they will be too tough to eat at dinner." (Dragonlovers)


Known locations: Boll


Uses: brewed as tea to combat symptoms of cystis (common complaint of female dragonriders)


Uses: medicinal herb, antispasmodic


Uses: edible, used in pies.

Beans (I,H)

Growth form: Earth beans
Uses: food


Known location: Igen/Lemos forest
Uses: edible, can be made into jam. Berry wax can be made into candles.
Misc.: Berries are often talked about, but sometimes not noted which type they are.


Growth form: tree
Known location: Igen/Lemos forests


(I, same as black marshberries?)
Growth form: Earth blackberry bush
Known locations: High Reaches Hold
Uses: fruit, made into brandy

Black marshberries

Known location: near Half-Circle Seahold
Uses: edible, large quantities could be pressed for oil

Blueberry (I)

Growth form: Earth blueberry bush
Uses: fruit, most popular for bubbly pies

Borage, Borrago(?) (I,H)

Growth form:herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb, used for coughs


Uses: medicinal, diaphoretic



Known location: Nabol


Known location: Igen/Lemos forrest.
Uses: edible, large quantities can be made into bread.
Misc.: The acid from teh nut kills other undergrowth.


Known location: Nabol

Cherries (I,H)

Growth form: Earth cherry

Citron (orange?)

Uses: fruit (contains vitamin C). Used by Moreta as a hopeful preventitive.

Comfrey (H)

Known location: Fort Hold
Uses: medicinal herb, used for burns, coughs


Known locations: Tillek, High Reaches

Coriander (I,H)

Growth form: herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb

Corn (I)

Growth form: Earth corn
Known locations: Paradise River Hold

Cotton (I)

Growth form: Terran cotton
Known location: Fort Hold, Boll, Southern
General habitat: sand+clay soil
Uses: made into thread, cotton velvet material, other materials

Cottonwood tree (I,H?)

Growth form: Earth cottonwood tree
General habitat: open plains
Uses: Used by the colonists to break ground and provide shelter for oak and pine seedlings.

Creeper vine

Growth form: clinging vine
General habitat: grows from borders of grain field
Misc.: strangles crops. (wheat)


Known location: general area of Half-Circle seahold
General habitat: streams by ocean where water freshens
Uses: edible, sweet with a tangy aftertaste.


Uses: used for burns


Growth form: tree
Known location: Lemos
Misc.: grows quickly.

Dragon's tongue (N)

Growth form: similar to Aloe
Uses: for burns

Ezob (H)

Known location: near Fort Hold
Uses: medicinal herb, diaphoretic. Used for coughs.


Growth form: Fern(?)
Known location:Fort Hold, Southern
Uses: to relieve fever, used in tonic. Also used on runners.

Fellis Tree (N)

Growth form: small, branchy, drooping tree.
Flowers: fragrant, pink(DragonQuest) yellow(DragonLovers Guide) clustered blooms with pointed petals. Has clusters of berry-like fruit.
Fruit: Fellis juice made from the fruit, which has though skins.
Known locations: Southern Weyr area, Nerat, Telgar Hold, Fort Hold, Paradise River Hold (wild), Ruatha
Uses: dye (dyes wherhide a deep green), narcotic painkiller that can be addictive. Wood is used to carve furniture.
Misc.: At Paradise river, Fellis trunks grow larger than 3 men could span with fingers touching. Large enough amounts can be lethal. (Nerkila)


Growth form: Fern
Known location: Southern Weyr
General habitat: tropical regions
Uses: improvised bedding

Fingeroots (carrots)

Known locations: Fort Hold, Nabol
Uses: edible

Flax (I)

Growth form: Earth flax
Known location: Boll
Uses: fiber for weaving


Known locations: fort Weyr
Uses: edible, medicinal, used for high blood pressure, as a cold remedy, used by Moreta as a pallative


Growth form: Tree. Thick and spongy fronds.
Known location: Ista
Uses: Fronds can be used as improvised forrest bedding. The fronds make handy needlethorn packages, as the sap from the cut edges of leavs forms its own glue. Leaf sap will also seal puncture wounds. In _Moreta_, it was stated that softnuts (which are edible) were 'on all the trees', so it could be assumed that they are ging softnuts.
Misc.: Moreta described the ging forrest in the fall as "a green face with a thousand black-rimmed eyes." Needlethorn is always found in the prescence of ging trees.

Ginkgo (I,H)

Growth form: Tree
General habitat: open plains
Uses: Colonists used Ginkgo to break ground and provide shelter for oak and pine seedlings.


Uses: medicinal herb, anodyne

Gooseberry (I)

Growth form: Earth gooseberry bush
Uses: fruit

Goru pear

Uses: it is a tart fruit.


Known location: near Benden Weyr, Telgar, Half-Circle seahold, Paradise River Hold
Uses: edible
Misc.: most of grain consumed in north grown by Telgar. Telgar also has best beer in Pern

Grapes (I)

Growth form: Earth grapes
Known locations: Benden, Fort(H), Tillek, Nabol, Lemos, Nerat
Uses: fruit, wine.


Location: River Islands in Southern.
Uses: Tufts contain theraputic seeds, branches can be bundled and used as a temporary raft(eventually they'll absorb too much water), the heart (just above the root ball) can be dried and ground into a powder that is good for fever, esp. Firehead. The shoots are edible.


Known locations: various forms exist over many parts of Pern
Uses: bedding

Green fruits

(Lime? Drasgonlovers lists a green citrus fruit. Green apple? Pear?)
Known location: Southern, Cove Hold, Ista(Citrus)


Known location: near Half-Circle seahold, Nabol
Uses: used like salad, served with dressing.


Growth form: tree
Known location: Lemos, Igen
Uses: rarely, used to make small quantities of lye soap
Misc.: all hardwoods are imported

Hazel, Witch (I,H)

Uses: medicinal herb, for skin

Hazel nut tree

Known location:Benden Hold


Known locationsthe plant has fine hairs that can cause irritation, possible inflamation of skin it comes in contact with.
Known location: Ista, Nerat
Uses: needles used as syringe for injections and to draw blood.
Misc.: Needlethorn is omnivorus and shoots its thorns at anything that disturbs it during its growing season. It falls into a dormant stage when the flowers of the ging tree (ginkgo?) open. These plants are always found together. The spines are poisonous through spring and summer. "The vine grows during the winter and has to shed its old corona or leave too many unprotected gaps. I understand the flesh is tasty.""During the spring and summer the bush has an odor to attract snakes and insects. The hollow spines suck essential juices from the creature the plant impales, and also rainwater."(Moreta)


Growth form: perennial.
Known location: Ruathan fields.
Uses: medicinal, used in a tonic

Numbweed (N)

Growth form: bush. plaquey, thorny greenery. The leafs are opposing, and arrowhead-shaped, with a terminating leaf at the end of the branch. The plant has a grey-green color. They sprout tufts of blossoms, similar to statice.
Known location: Nerat, Southern
General habitat: jungle areas
Uses: 'raw' or made into a salve, it numbs skin to pain.
Misc.: too much numbweed will cause bleeding and scarring. To prepare the salve, it requires 3 days of stewing, then 1 day to strain it, and the juice skimmed to the right consistency for the salve (Southern).

Nutmegoid (I,H)

Growth form:herb, from First-Centauri
Uses: cooking herb

Oak (I,H)

Growth form: Tree


Known location: Igen
Uses: used for cooking fires. In Igen, pockets of bread were cooked on metal sheets over an oilbrush fire.

Onion (I)

Form: Earth onion
Known locations: (H)wild near Fort Hold, wild in Lemos/Igen forrest.

Orange fruit, Citron?

(Oranges?, Oranges were imported, and flourished)
Growth form: tree
Known location: Southern Hold/Weyr, Cove Hold, Ista
Misc.: the trees are thorny.


Known location: Ista
Uses: has an edible heart. 'crispy, cool, and crunchy' (Moreta)

Parsnips (I)

Growth form: Terran parsnip
Known location: Fort Hold
Uses: edible

Pawberry (H)

Known location: near Bitra Hold
Growth form: Unknown; probably bush
Uses: Leaves produce a pure red on boiling.


Growth form: tree Known location: Boll
Uses: fruit

Peanuts (I)

Growth form: Terran peanut
Known locations: Fort Hold
Uses: edible, used in several dishes

Pears (I,H)

Growth form: tree
Known location: High Reaches Hold, Nerat
Uses: fruit, made into brandy


Growth form: tree
Known location: Nerat
Uses: edible nut


Known location: Ista
Uses: edible


Growth form: tree
Known locations: Nabol, Lemos
Misc.: grow quickly

Pineapple (I)

Known location: Igen
Uses: fruit
Misc.: genetically alterd form of pineapple

Pink Root

Known location: Southern(?)
Uses: medicinal, for bellyache.

Plumb (I,H)

Growth form: tree
Uses: fruit

Raspberry (I)

Growth form: Earth raspberry bush
Uses: fruit

Redfruit (apple,I)

Growth form: Earth apple tree
Known locations: Southern, Nerat, High Reaches Hold, Nabol, Igen
Uses: edible, made into cider and brandy. Trees are also used for their wood.
Misc.: a native red fruit was listed in Dragonsdawn.


Known locations: northern farms (under protection of Benden), Ista, wild on the rocky forrested slopes of Igen/Lemos.
Uses: edible

Red willow salic

Uses: analgesic herb


Growth form: grows in clumps close to the ground. Has a thick stem, with reddish veins and produces flat-topped purple or rose flowers.
Uses: as a scrubbing/cleansing agent (disinfectant?) and also for infection.
Misc.: leaves a red stain on hands, has nasty stench (Nirelka), clean-smelling herb (Dragonlovers) used as an antiseptic wash and protects skin from being affected by numbweed.


Growth form: reed
Known location: Southern, Cove Hold. Near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: can be used as straws for drinking, succulent reeds are edible. Can be used as fishing poles and splints for threadscored dragon wings. Reeds are also made into baskets.
Misc.: Both freshwater and sea water exist

Rind fruit

Known location: Igen Uses: fruit

Rivergrains (rice, I)

Growth form: rice
Known locations: Fort Hold, Igen plains swampland, Southern, wild rice in Paradise river.
Uses: Steam cooked to eat.
Misc.: called 'rice' in Southern.

Rock weeds

Known location: Ruatha (Pleateau Hold)

Rosemary (I,H)

Growth form:herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb

Rowan (I,H)

Growth form: Tree
General habitat: 'higher reaches' (dragonlovers guide)-hills/higher ground over the flat plains(?)


Known locations: Fort Hold, Ruatha, but probably in most areas of Pern (?)
Uses: Bedding.

Sabsab (H)

Known location: near Bitra Hold
Growth form: bush
Uses: Roots produce a yellow color useful for dyes and paint pigments.


Uses: used in combination with wintergreen and willow for a headache tea

Saponin root

Uses: used for cleaning hair, and for sensitive skin

Saw grass

Known locations: Fort Hold
Misc.: obnoxious weed

Scrub pine (I,H)

Growth form: Tree
General habitat: 'higher reaches' (dragonlovers guide)-hills/higher ground over the flat plains(?)


Growth form: Bush
Flowers: Pink blossoms
General habitat: low marsh valleys
Known location: beaches by Half-Circle Seahold.
Misc.: a few early sour plums available in spring

Sea bush

Growth form: bush
Known location: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: produces an oily seed-pod in fall

Seagrass (stalks)

General habitat: ocean beaches(?)
Known location: beaches by Half-Circle Seahold.
Misc.: aromatic


Known location: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: used braided by Menolly to join sections of her multiple pipes


Growth form: (asummed)earth-type seaweed
General habitat: near shore.
Known location(s): beaches by Half-Circle seahold.
Uses: Boiled for the thick juice in the stalk, which is used as a preventitive for many sicknesses and bone ailments. Also used to make balls of a sweet that can be chewed for hours, keeping mouth fresh and moist. Purple grass seed (unknown whether grass or seed is 'purple') used to flavor the balls. Leaves can be wrapped around meat to allow it to slow-cook.

Sequoi-like tree (N)

Growth form: similar to Terran sequois. Several triangular stems fuse together.
Known locations: Southern
Misc.: inimical to fire, tend to rot in center, to form shells of trees

Shallow-water sea grass

Growth form: 1 type clings to sandy bottom, 1 type clings to rock
Known location: near Half-Circle seahold

Sisal (N)

Known location: Fort Hold, Ista, Boll
Uses: spun into thread

Sky-broom (N)

Growth form: several dragonlengths tall. " The tall trunks terminate in bushy crowns of tuffed needles, much like the growth on Earth cedars. The wood is dense and metal-hard, covered with a rough mat-like material protection from threadfall."(DragonLovers) "Root systems that radiated in a great circle around the trunk to support the soaring limbs and tufted heights." (Renegades). Twined trunks, short tufts of spiny leavs. The crowns have coarse, short leavs. The tops are flat.
Known locations: Lemos
Uses: construction
Misc.: the wood is difficult to work, but highly prized in the WoodcraftHall


Growth form: Tree
Known location: Lemos
Uses: used to make furniture

Soybeans (I)

Growth form: Terran soybean
Known locations: Fort Hold
Uses: edible, used in several dishes.


Growth form: white bulb
Uses: edible medicinal, febrifuge. Used by Moreta as a hopeful preventative for the plague.


Growth form: Tuber(?)

Spongewood trees

Known location: south continent, Lemos
Misc.: grow quickly


Known locations: near benden weyr(?), Igen, Ruatha
Uses: bedding, in Igen used as insulation for straw-padded boxes containing pitchers of cold drinks.


Known location: Southern, Cove hold
Uses: fronds woven into matting

Sugar Beets (I)

Growth form: Terran sugarbeet
Known locations: Fort Hold,several northern Holds
Uses: used for sweetining

Sungazers (N,H)

Form: small plant, grows mostly underground
Flowers: simiar to Earth's strawflower or windflower

Swamp grass

Growth form: broad, saw-edge blades.
Known location: Southern Weyr


Known locations: Fort Hold
Uses: edible

Sweet cane (I)

Growth form: Terran sweet cane
Known locations:Nerat, Boll, Ista
Uses: made into sweetening

Sweet grass

Uses: Runner fodder

Sweetroot, sweet potato

Known locations: northern farms under Benden Weyr
Uses: can be eaten uncooked. Used to relieve/sweat out fever (febrifuge) and for headache(?).
Misc.: taken in crystal-like form.


Uses: medicinal, used for a tonic. Relieves heart palpitations.

Tarragon (I,H)

Growth form: herb
Uses: medicinal and/or cooking herb

Teak-like hardwood tree, teakwood

Growth form: stumpy tree, with broad central trunk
Known location: nerat


(H Thyme? Thyme was imported from Earth)
Known location: near Fort Hold
Uses: medidcinal herb, for coughs. Used on runners as well as humans.


General habitat: tubers of one form or another grow in many areas
Known location: Half-circle seahold, Ista, Southern, Southern Boll
Uses: edible
Misc.: Can be baked in mud in a cookout fire. (other foods including fish can also be baked in this manner.) White tubers (white roots?) found in Southern.

Turnips (I)

Growth form: Terran turnip
Known locations: Fort Hold, northern farms under Benden Weyr
Uses: edible


Uses: medicinal herb, used for coughs


Known location: Benden Weyr Bowl


Growth form: broad-leaf, climbing
Known locations: Ista
Uses: When its leavs are bruised, it releases a sap that will neutralize insect stings.


Growth form: Vine
Flowers: many-petaled ivory flowers that bloom late winter/early spring.
Known location: Nerat


Growth form: tree
Known location: Benden Hold
Uses: edible nut

Water lilies (N)

Growth form: float on surface of water, triangular shaped leavs, the flowers have white petals. Edible roots have a triangular cross-section.
Known locations: bowl lake of bended Weyr
Uses: roots are edible


Known location: Southern Hold
Fruit: pink-fleshed interior, with a green rind.
Uses: edible fruit

Wedgenuts (Brazil nuts)

Known location: Nerat, Boll
Uses: edible nut

Wheat (I)

Growth form: Earth wheat
Known locations: Ruatha

White Bulb

Uses: medicinal, febrifuge

White Roots

Known location: Landing
Uses: edible

White Thorn

Uses: medicinal herb, anodyne, used to relieve heart palpitations.

Willow (I,H)

Growth form: tree
Known location: Nabol
General habitat: wet riverbanks
Uses: willow herb (same plant?) as a tea to keep arthritis under control. Used in combination with sage and wintergreen as a tea for headaches. Willowsalic used for headache, taken in crystal-like form.


Uses: used in combination with sage and willow as a headache tea.

Witch Hazel

Uses: medicinal herb, used for burns.


Growth form: water plant resembling Earth-like reeds
Known locations: Ruatha (Plateau Hold)
General habitat: near rivers
Uses: made into baskets


Uses: herb used to spice wine


Uses: medicinal, for acne

Yellow Fruit

(lemon, pear, or apple? one 'yellow fruit' is mentioned as citrus, Dragonlovers)
Known locations: Southern, Ista(citrus fruit)
Uses: fruit

Yellow-Veined Grass

Growth form: grassoid
Known locations: near Half-Circle seahold
Uses: 'salad' greens
Misc.: available in early spring


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